Property Cashin is a private group of real estate investors specializing in commercial properties investing that has been successfully operating since 2013.

Property Cashin

Our Philosophy

At Property Cashin we understand that a win-win solution is what’s truly important.

Where our team members daily dedication results in financial freedom and life-changing experiences for our clients.

That is why at Property Cashin our offers are based on customer needs and satisfaction.

Our Mission

Property Cashin offers instant cash to commercial property owners who are looking to sell fast, save time, and make money.

Our Vision

Working directly with commercial property owners across the USA to quickly turn their real assets into cash by leveraging flexible deal making, expedited close experience, and availability of funds.

Our Customers

  • Commercial property owners who are ready to retire
  • Investors looking to shift their commercial real estate portfolio
  • Established companies dissolving their business partnership and need to sell property fast for cash
  • Property owners having a difficult time establishing a consistent tenant cash flow
  • Real estate investors who are tired of the hassles that come with being a landlord
  • Business Owners at risk of foreclosure and bankruptcy who are looking for cash property buyers
  • Commercial real estate owners who need a quick sale of their property and cash in their pocket

Our Customers Properties

  • Commercial Buildings
  • Office Buildings
    • Class A, Class B, and Class C
  • Multifamily
    • Low Rise Garden Apartments
    • Mid Rise Apartments
    • High Rise Apartments
  • Retail Property
    • Plaza and Strip Center
    • Community Retail Center
    • Mall
    • Power Center
  • Hotels
    • Full Service Hotels
    • Limited Service Hotels
    • Extended Stay Hotels
  • Industrial Property
    • Manufacturing
    • Warehouse
    • Flex Warehouse/R&D
  • Land
    • Greenfield Land
    • Infill Land
  • Special-Purpose
    • Healthcare
      • Medical Centers
      • Hospitals
      • Nursing Homes
    • Community Centers
    • Churches
    • Trailer Parks / Mobile Parks
    • Self-Storage
    • Car Washes
    • Marinas
    • Funeral Homes