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  • About Marina

    Marina co-founded America’s largest platform for off-market properties that connects motivated property sellers and real estate investors looking for lucrative investment opportunities. Throughout her career, she has been involved in over 250 real estate transactions. By utilizing a variety of real estate investment strategies ranging from fix and flip, buy and hold, rent-to-own, owner financing, Marina has been able to maximize returns for her partners and investors.


Marina’s Achievements


Aside from managing her real estate investment firm, Marina is currently using her education, experience, and network to design and execute strategic business growth plans for real estate professionals throughout the US.

  • Commercial real estate investment
  • Due diligence and valuation
  • Investment property marketing
  • Property management


After graduating from the University of Houston Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Finance and Entrepreneurship, with an emphasis on real estate, she diligently honed in on her digital marketing and technology skills.

  • BBA, Finance 2003-2006
  • BBA, Entrepreneurship 2003-2006
  • Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business, Cohort 6, 2013

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