About Property Cashin

Why should I sell my commercial real estate property to Property Cashin?

Here at Property Cashin we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service in a timely manner, and we can offer you a cash offer for your commercial property. We want you to sell your property just as much as you do!

How soon am I able to sell my commercial property with Property Cashin?

How does today sound? Give us a call, and we can head over to your commercial property within an hour. After we view your property we can schedule a closing and have your cash offer ready within the next 72 hours.

Will it be difficult to sell my property to Property Cashin?

No, not at all! We want the process to be easy and efficient just as much as you do. If you visit our website you can request a cash offer or give us a call and speak confidentially with one of our representatives. We are here for you throughout the process.

If I have multiple properties to sell, will Property Cashin purchase all of them?

Absolutely! We at Property Cashin can combine all of your real estate properties into one sale. You will then receive the cash offer in one lump sum.

How is Property Cashin different from using a real estate broker?

Well for one, we don’t take a cut out for a commission. A real estate broker or a real estate agent will list your office building and hope someone will come along to buy it. Here at Property Cashin we can give you a cash offer on DAY ONE! If you want to sell your commercial property quickly, call us today.


Outstanding Property Debt

I have a mortgage on my commercial property. Will Property Cashin still buy my real estate?

Yes, no need to worry. Property Cashin has a stellar working relationship with banks to provide “short sales” to our customers who need them.

I have fallen behind on mortgage payments. Will I receive cash from Property Cashin for selling my commercial property?

Yes, you will still receive cash. Here at Property Cashin we can buy your commercial real estate from you regardless of any outstanding mortgage debt on the property. Our goal is in-line with yours, sell the property fast and hopefully receive some equity back to put in your pocketbook.

What happens when I have overdue property taxes and/or a lien on my commercial property? Is it still possible to sell to Property Cashin?

Yes, it is still possible. We have solutions for many different problems regarding the sale of commercial property. In this case, we can contact the tax authority on your property to get the lien holder to resolve past debt. Once we get the issue cleared up on the title, we will buy your property.

My commercial property has been foreclosed on. Will Property Cashin still purchase my real estate?

Yes, we will! Have we ever told you no before? Property Cashin’s goal is to get some dough back into your hands. If your property is in foreclosure we will still buy it, and you will leave with some cash to spend.


Property Condition

The commercial property that I own is not in the best of shape. Do I need to fix and repair it before I sell to Property Cashin?

No, we are able to buy properties “As Is”. Let us shoulder the burden of your ill-repaired property, and we’ll even give you cash! Call us for a today for a same-day quote.

If I have a health code violation on my property, do I need to take care of it before selling to Property Cashin?

Nope. Just like a building that needs repairs, a commercial property with a health code violation is not a problem for us. Our specialty is fixing any past issues so that you don’t have to.

The commercial property that I own has been condemned. Is this a problem for selling to Property Cashin?

No, not a problem for us! Let us take your condemned commercial property off of your hands. We buy any commercial property in any condition. Now go ahead and breathe that sigh of relief.


Our Purchase Process

Will Property Cashin buy my commercial property outright? Or will they be listing it?

We never list any commercial properties—or any properties for that matter. We buy commercial properties, and we buy them as quickly as we can! The goal of our company is to have you walking away with pockets full of greenbacks and a feeling of relief that your trouble property has been purchased.

How long does it take for Property Cashin to complete the purchasing process?

The purchasing process will take no longer than one week. We will purchase your commercial property, and we won’t charge you for any repairs or for closing costs.

How is the value of my commercial property determined?

We will let you in on exactly how we determine your commercial property value. We take into consideration the location of the property, the repairs necessary, the age and condition of any buildings, the value of other commercial properties in the area and county appraisal values.

Will there be out of pocket costs when Property Cashin purchases my commercial real estate?

Absolutely not. We will not be charging you any commission rates or any hidden fees. The cash offer is the amount you will walk away with.

How do I get an offer for my commercial property?

You have two different options. You can either pick up the phone and call a representative, or you can submit an online form with your contact information and the property’s address. We can make you an offer within the first 24 hours.

Once I accept Property Cashin’s offer, how and when do I get paid?

Once you accept our offer, we can send you a contract and schedule a closing date as soon as possible. On the closing date you walk with cash in-hand.