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Every commercial real estate owner knows how important proper tax assessment and management is to the success of their property investing business. When it comes to managing commercial property taxes, it’s always important to work with a reputable professional. Spending money on an experienced commercial real estate tax advisor now can save you thousands of dollars later. Commercial property tax consulting firms help keep business’ finances organized and can even help clients save thousands of dollars in taxes. Hiring a top-rated consultant can minimize your taxes by protesting unfair property tax amount imposed on you by the state.

There’s no cutting corners when it comes to choosing a tax consultant for your business. You need to hire a tax consultant you can trust, and the one who’s backed by years of proven experience. But choosing the right tax consultant isn’t easy, and finding the best real estate tax service company in your area takes plenty of time and research. With so many local tax consultants to sift through, how do you know who to choose? Luckily, PropertyCashin is here to help you make that difficult decision. Our national directory includes a list of the best commercial property tax consultants serving your location.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are commercial property tax consultants and what do they do?

Commercial realty tax consultants provide commercial and industrial property tax management and reduction assistance. Real property tax experts assess the value of a commercial or residential property to ensure owners don’t overpay taxes based on an incorrect assessment and file property tax protests.

In fact, many property owners who overpaid property taxes did so because they made the mistake of trusting the judgement of the state tax assessors who determine the amounts in their bills. Luckily, if a property owner overpaid their taxes, they can still raise a tax appraisal protest and complete a tax dispute.

When successful, the investment property owner can sometimes end up paying even less tax than previously expected. However, tax assessment appeals are time consuming and complicated. More often than not, tax reduction appeals are only successful when a professional property tax management team completes them.

In addition to tax assessment appeals, consultants can also provide property tax management services. These services include property tax refunds filing as well as securing tax relief and tax rebates when applicable. They can also determine if your property is eligible for tax abatement.

Property tax consultants will work with you to determine if there are any delinquent property taxes due. If not acted upon, these tax issues can lead to serious legal problems, including tax liens and foreclosure. A professional property tax consultant will work with you on any possible tax grievances.

A property tax consulting company can also be hired for the buyer’s due diligence when acquiring a property. Because the property tax assessment is often higher than appraisal, this service helps the buyer determine how much property tax they will have to pay after buying or building the commercial property and to find a way to reduce the property tax.

Finally, property tax consultants also offer processing property tax payments for the owner throughout the time of their long-term contract.

2. How much do property tax consultants charge on average?

The rates property tax consultants charge vary greatly. Generally speaking, commercial property tax consultants cost more to employ than residential ones. However, even within the commercial field, the price will depend on the size of your business and the type of industry.

Furthermore, some consultants charge a flat fee while others work on contingency fees. They can charge anywhere from 20% to 50% of your overall tax savings. For example, let’s say you work with a tax consultant who charges on a contingency basis at 50%. If the consultant saves $1,000 on your tax bill, then you pay the consultant $500 and you keep $500.

Real estate tax consultants can charge a fee of about $200 additionally to their contingency fee. It’s always important to request quotes from multiple property tax consultants before making a decision.

3. What does a commercial real estate agent do for the seller?

A property tax consultant offers various kinds of help with property taxes to owners of commercial real estate such as office buildings, commercial land, and other investment property. Property tax consulting firms will work with you to reassess your commercial property taxes to ensure you don’t overpay.

However, they cannot initiate or participate in a litigation to resolve your property tax problems. They can only file protests on an administrative level. Consultants also offer real estate tax advice in case of any problems or manage your commercial property taxes throughout the year.

Just like consultants, property tax appeal lawyers also specialize in protesting property taxes through proving that the property is worth less than the amount determined by the state. But unlike consultants, they have a higher qualification so that they can participate in the legal process to help you remove a lien or avoid tax foreclosure when you have too much back property taxes.

4. Is it better to hire a property tax consultant than a property tax appeal lawyer when challenging a commercial property tax assessment?

The best way to protest unfair property taxes, if there is no litigation, is to work with a property tax consultant. They will effectively fight tax assessments that are incorrect or outdated by filing commercial property tax appeals, as soon as it’s not happening in the court.

Although property tax appeal lawyers are even more knowledgeable and qualified, they charge more, so they are most often used in extreme cases. If a property owner has failed to pay property taxes to the point where they are about to lose the property or had a tax lien placed on it, then a tax appeal lawyer should be used.

A property tax consultant is best for when you want to save money, while a property tax appeal lawyer is best for helping you with serious legal issues.

5. How much does it cost to protest a property tax appraisal?

It’s free to contest a property tax appraisal if you do it yourself. However, it’s recommended that you order the services of a commercial property tax consultant to assess the value of your property.

A new assessment is usually the key to successfully protesting your property taxes. For property tax protest services consultants can charge about 25%-50% of the amount of your savings, and/or a flat fee.

6. Where to find an experienced property tax consultant?

To find the best property tax consultant in your area, a good amount of time and research is essential. Find some of the top local consultants and spend time learning about them and their company. Read reviews, check their qualifications and look for evidence of their experience.

Once you have a few candidates, contact them to find out about their fees and compensation policies. Some consultants charge a flat fee while others work on a contingency basis, so it’s important to understand their payment expectations.

Even after dedicating countless hours to research, it can be incredibly difficult to find the best real estate tax service companies. One of the best ways to find experienced consultants near you is to use PropertyCashin’s directory. Our extensive list includes the very best professional tax consultants in your location.

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