How It Works

  • STEP #1
    Submit Your Car Wash

    Contact us by calling, emailing or submitting the form online and tell us a little more about your property.

  • STEP #2
    Schedule an Appointment

    We’ll contact you and schedule an appointment to visit your car wash and perhaps make all-cash offer on the spot.

  • STEP #3
    Accept The Offer

    Once you accept our fair all-cash offer, we’ll sign the contract and schedule a closing date of your choice.

  • STEP #4
    Cash in Your Pocket

    On the closing day it is when we formally close the transaction and after a few days you will get all your cash!

Frequently Asked Questions

When can you make a cash offer on my car wash?

We can make a cash offer on your car wash within 72 hours or 3 days after visiting your property to assess its condition. If the situation permits, we can also make a cash offer on the spot, right after the walkaround.

How can I sell my car wash by myself, without a realtor?

Selling your car wash online through our quick, convenient, and effective sales process is the best way to sell your car wash yourself, without the help of a broker or real estate agent.

PropertyCashin has been in the property buying industry for many years. We’ll help you liquidate your property as soon as possible. When working with us, there are no fees to be paid and no commissions to be deducted from the cash offer.

FSBO sales can drag long and drain your energy and resources. We’ll help you avoid all the setbacks by making the process fast and easy. Submit the cash offer request through our online form so we can discuss your best options.

Why should I choose to sell my car wash directly to Property Cashin?

Even the most ideal car wash can take a long time to sell if you go through a traditional real estate selling process. That’s because you’ll have to invest a lot of time, effort, and money to do the following:

  • hiring a property inspection company for checking for any issues with the facility’s condition.
  • paying upfront for renovations and repairs to make your car wash as appealing as possible to potential buyers.
  • preparing all the paperwork and making sure that financial records are accurate.
  • hiring a commercial real estate broker to help you handle the marketing of the property, which entails paying out-of-pocket expenses.
  • managing viewings and qualifying buyers.
  • waiting for an indefinite amount of time for a buyer to come along.
  • dealing with the stress of not knowing if and when a buyer’s commercial loan will get approved. If it gets rejected, you’ll have to start again.
  • managing property taxes and utility bills that can last for months or years with no guarantee of a sale.

Working with genuine and experienced property cash buyers from Property Cashin means you won’t have to wait long to find the right buyer for your car wash. We’ll work with your needs so the process is completed on a timeline that works for you.

Will you guarantee a cash offer on my car wash?

Yes, Property Cashin can buy any commercial property outright without requiring a mortgage or waiting for a loan approval by the bank. This is because we work with hard money lenders as well as have private money sources. We guarantee that cash is available for anyone who needs to sell their car wash fast to us.

Speed and quality sales are at the heart of our business. We’ll conduct a straightforward and transparent process so we can take ownership of the property and give you the money in just a matter of weeks. The fair cash price we’ll offer is the amount you’ll receive on the closing day.

Can I sell my car wash As Is in any condition?

Yes. Whatever the condition of your car wash is, even if it’s completely abandoned and destroyed, we can buy it for a fair cash amount. You don’t need to worry about making any repairs or renovations to your property. We’ll consider buying your car wash even if it needs major refurbishments, it is already underperforming, or it has structural issues.

We can still buy it regardless of its age, location, or condition. We’ll need to make a walkaround of your car wash so we can determine how much it will take us to repair the property in future. You can count on us to assess your car wash properly, factor in all the projected costs for needed repairs, and give you an offer that already assumes everything, which is the exact amount you’ll get in cash.

Are there any commissions or fees that I need to take note of?

There are no fees, commissions, or any ridiculous hidden costs. You’ll have all the luxuries of a convenient and transparent transaction process. We’ll take care of all the paperwork and any legal fees, as well as assume any legal or physical issues coming with your car wash. None of this will be deducted from the offer amount. We’ll help you sell your property without any cost to you.

How long does it take a car wash to sell when working with PropertyCashin?

Generally, we complete most purchases within 30 days – from the time you accept the cash offer request up to the completion date. Need to release the equity in your property quickly? We’ll make that happen. You can trust us to handle all the nitty-gritty so you can let go of your property. That includes clearing any tax issues or settling the mortgage delinquency with the bank.

Do I need to pay any closing costs?

No. We pay all closing costs ourselves. You’ll get an easy, no-hassle closing with no costs to you.

Where does PropertyCashin buy properties?

PropertyCashin is a national commercial property buyer. We will buy any car wash that is located in the US. You can sell any rural car wash in any small town to us.

Am I under any obligation to accept your cash offer on my car wash?

No. Our clients only get obligation-free cash offers from us.

Say I decide to accept your offer. What happens next?

We’ll keep you informed on every step of the way so we can ensure a fast, safe, and efficient completion. We’ll provide you with a purchase agreement that you’ll need to sign once you decide to accept our offer.

We’ll then agree on a closing date that is most convenient for all the parties involved. You can expect us to send the earnest money deposit to the designated title company in under 72 hours. We’ll meet with the title company to sign all contracts on the closing day. The title company will transfer the sum directly to your account during the closing.

Do you have specific criteria on the types of car wash that you’ll buy?

We buy any and all types of car washes. We won’t mind whether that’s an in-bay automatic, full-service, exterior conveyor, self-service car wash, or any other type.

Do you have any requirements regarding the size of the car wash that you’ll consider buying?

The size of your car wash is not an issue with us. We buy small and large car washes.

How to sell a rural car wash?

Looking to sell an old working or even destroyed car wash that’s located in a rural area? The best way of selling a small town car wash is selling it to PropertyCashin. Whatever the condition of your property is, we can purchase it for a fair cash sum, and normally close within a month.

There’s just no limit to what we can take on. No need to waste months or even years of waiting for buyers when you can get the fairest price quickly. Get in touch with us now and we’ll help you exchange your car wash business for cash.


  • We expected to be stuck on the market for months if not years due to condition of the property. However, we had a smooth transaction with PropertyCashin. They quickly found a buyer for our warehouse. We’re happy!

    James RonaldHouston, TX
  • My brothers and I were selling our office building in Dallas after the tenant moved out. We had tried to sell it on Loopnet for roughly 6 months before reaching out to PropertyCashin. The offer was a little lower than we had hoped for but it was fair given the vacant condition and all cash. I think it closed roughly 30 to 35 days later from when we signed the contract. Overall it was a quick process and very smooth transition. We would definitely recommend Richard and Sam and the Propert Cashin team to anyone looking to liquidate their commercial property quickly.

    The Law Office of Ronald J. Washington Jr. PLLCDallas, TX
  • I highly recommend working with Ryan to anyone who is looking to sell a commercial property. Ryan is not only a knowledgeable investor but a great business man. He is a certified business broker and knows the needs of the seller. I would definitely work with him in the future.

    Jose QuintanillaAustin, TX
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Why Work With Us?

  • You’ll Get Paid in Cash

    We’ll Buy Your Car Wash ‘As Is’

    You’ll Get Personalized Service

    Very Fast Closing

  • No Realtor Commissions

    No Closing Costs & Fees

    No Repairs Needed

    No Waiting Years for a Buyer

Do You Need to Sell Your Car Wash Fast for Cash?

We Buy Car Washes Nationwide!

  • After long years of putting in all the hard work, and investment resources to build your car wash business, you’ve finally decided that it’s time to cash in. Or maybe you want to sell your car wash quickly so you can pursue your retirement dreams or that opportunity to begin a new venture?

    No matter what your motivations are, PropertyCashin can help you make a fast property sale without any upfront expenses coming with a traditional sale or the hassles of finding potential buyers. Of all the ways to sell a car wash we are offering you the most solid alternative to the traditional approach. As a leading real estate cash buying company, Property Cashin can give you a fair cash offer and guarantee a quick sale of your commercial property.

    We buy any commercial property in any condition and location across the US, so we won’t mind if you have a rural car wash that needs major repairs. We take pride in an uncomplicated and efficient process. Work with us and receive all the benefits of a fair and fast cash offer and get paid for your property in no time.

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Areas We Buy Car Washes In

We buy commercial property for cash anywhere in the United States. Regardless where your car wash is in the US, we can buy it from you. That being said, we still have transactions abroad. So if you own a property outside the US and you urgently want to sell it, we’d love to come in and check it out.


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