How It Works

  • STEP #1
    Submit Your Church

    Contact us by calling, emailing or submitting the form online and tell us a little more about your church.

  • STEP #2
    Schedule an Appointment

    We’ll contact you and schedule an appointment to visit your church and perhaps make all-cash offer on the spot.

  • STEP #3
    Accept The Offer

    Once you accept our fair all-cash offer, we’ll sign the contract and schedule a closing date of your choice.

  • STEP #4
    Cash in Your Pocket

    On the closing day it is when we formally close the transaction and after a few days you will get all your cash!

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I expect to receive my cash offer?

Once we conduct a walkthrough of your church to assess its value, you can expect a written cash offer within 72 hours. In some instances, we make property owners an offer following the walkthrough right away.

How to sell my church by owner, without a realtor?

Although you can choose to sell your church yourself online, without a real estate agent or broker, this option comes with many challenges. The ‘for sale by owner’ or FSBO route means you’re choosing to deal with many complications on your own. Scheduling inspections, waiting months for an interested buyer, marketing the real estate listing, and footing the bill for repairs are only a few of the responsibilities you would have to shoulder.

The best way to sell your church is to get in touch with PropertyCashin. Because we purchase properties “As Is,” no amount of property problems can keep us from giving you a straightforward offer. With us, you avoid spending money upfront and waiting around for months to get the money.

Why should I sell my church to PropertyCashin?

Selling your church with real estate agents means there could be a long and difficult road ahead of you. Properties can sit on the market for months or years before a buyer comes along, and in the meantime you have the following tasks on your plate:

  • Paying out of pocket for renovations and property repairs in hopes to make your listing stick out to buyers
  • Paying real estate agent commissions
  • Dealing with utility bills and property taxes for months or years, before you find someone who will want to buy your church
  • Spending time and effort on property viewings that could be fruitless
  • Praying that a buyer can secure a commercial mortgage approval from a bank
  • Having to start from square one if a deal with a buyer falls through

PropertyCashin cuts through the complications and helps you sell your church fast with no effort on your end. Our transaction can be over in days, and you can count on your cash profit coming with no strings attached whatsoever.

Is a cash offer for my church guaranteed?

PropertyCashin guarantees a cash offer. Because we use pre-approved funds and private money sources, you don’t have to wait for the many time consuming steps of your buyer’s loan approval to be completed by their bank.Our process is also faster because we don’t need to complete multiple property appraisals or inspections. Once our transaction is finalized, you will receive your fair cash profit from the supervising title company ASAP.

Will PropertyCashin buy my church in any condition?

When you want to sell your property, we want to make you an offer. PropertyCashin buys properties “As Is,” which means you can sell your church in any condition. We can make an offer on an abandoned church or a heavily damaged property as quickly as we can make an offer on a church in a tip-top condition.

Once we’ve decided on a convenient time to assess your property, we’ll conduct our walkthrough and formulate your cash offer. We include the estimated cost of repairs in the offer so the amount you stand to gain from selling your church is crystal clear.

Do I have to pay fees or commissions to sell to PropertyCashin?

No! When you sell your church to us, the amount we offer you stays intact, with no deductions. Unlike other selling methods, selling to PropertyCashin saves you from having to deal with any fees or commissions.

How soon can I close a deal with PropertyCashin?

Generally speaking, transactions with us conclude in under 30 days. We work fast so you can receive your money as quickly as possible, which is vital for those needing to resolve a financial situation with a fast-approaching deadline.

Do I pay any closing costs when I sell to PropertyCashin?

No! PropertyCashin deals with closing costs and other expenses for you. You get the amount promised by the cash offer and walk away.

Does PropertyCashin buy properties in any area?

We are national commercial property buyers, so PropertyCashin can make an offer on a church regardless of the property’s location within the U.S.

Am I obligated to accept PropertyCashin’s offer on my property?

Any offer we give you is obligation-free.

I accepted the cash offer. Now what?

After choosing to take our cash offer, you sign the purchase contract and find a closing date that fits your needs. It typically will take less than 72 hours for the title company to receive the earnest money deposit.

On the closing date decided on, we will convene with the specified title company to sign the required contracts. From there, the title company will transfer your cash to you.

What kinds of churches does PropertyCashin buy?

PropertyCashin can give you a fast and straightforward profit in exchange for your church no matter its type or size. Whether your church has an impressive list of concerning issues, if your property has a long history, or if the building just isn’t a good fit for your congregation anymore, PropertyCashin has you covered. We can also make an offer on abandoned churches and properties with land attached!

Are there specific sizes of churches that PropertyCashin is interested in buying?

The short and simple answer is that PropertyCashin can close deals on churches of any size. You don’t have to worry about your property’s square footage getting in the way of you enjoying a fast-paced and effortless real estate transaction.

Can a pastor sell a church building?

It is not illegal for a pastor to sell a church, although there can be title issues. A church can be sold after taking the right steps. The first task is to review the property’s deed and bylaws. In some instances, the pastor needs approval from the denomination before they can sell the property.

If you’re looking to sell a church that has no members after years of paying rent for an empty building, then ensure the property is in your name. If the deed of the church is held by trustees, the property can be sold by putting the matter to a vote among the trustees.

Can a church sell property exclusive to its members?

According to the Fair Housing Act, you can give preference to one buyer rather than another. As a religious organization, you can choose who you want to sell a church to, if it’s the question of the buyer’s religion.

When you sell a church who gets the money?

Because churches can be independently owned, held in a trust, or property of the denomination as a whole, there isn’t a cookie-cutter answer for who receives the money from selling a church.

In some instances, the owners of the church are the congregation’s members. Therefore, the profit from selling the church can be divided equally among the congregation.

If the property is held by a trustee, then the trustee that has their name on the deed receives the money and distributes it accordingly. To gain clarity on your specific situation, review your church’s deed and bylaws. Feel free to contact PropertyCashin for additional direction.

What websites are available to sell a church?

Although there are several commercial real estate websites such as Costar, Reonmy, and LoopNet where you can choose to sell a church, these websites charge fees for property listings. Meanwhile, the best and least expensive way to sell a church is with PropertyCashin. Our process involves you paying zero expenses to sell your church building. To quickly exchange your property for cash, simply call us. We’ll take it from there.


  • We expected to be stuck on the market for months if not years due to condition of the property. However, we had a smooth transaction with PropertyCashin. They quickly found a buyer for our warehouse. We’re happy!

    James RonaldHouston, TX
  • My brothers and I were selling our office building in Dallas after the tenant moved out. We had tried to sell it on Loopnet for roughly 6 months before reaching out to PropertyCashin. The offer was a little lower than we had hoped for but it was fair given the vacant condition and all cash. I think it closed roughly 30 to 35 days later from when we signed the contract. Overall it was a quick process and very smooth transition. We would definitely recommend Richard and Sam and the Propert Cashin team to anyone looking to liquidate their commercial property quickly.

    The Law Office of Ronald J. Washington Jr. PLLCDallas, TX
  • I highly recommend working with Ryan to anyone who is looking to sell a commercial property. Ryan is not only a knowledgeable investor but a great business man. He is a certified business broker and knows the needs of the seller. I would definitely work with him in the future.

    Jose QuintanillaAustin, TX
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Why Work With Us?

  • You’ll Get Paid in Cash

    We’ll Buy Your Church ‘As Is’

    You’ll Get Personalized Service

    Very Fast Closing

  • No Realtor Commissions

    No Closing Costs & Fees

    No Repairs Needed

    No Waiting Years for a Buyer

Do You Need to Sell Your Church Fast for Cash?

We Buy Church Property Nationwide!

  • Does your congregation need fast funds? PropertyCashin can assist you in selling your church building for a profit you can use to better serve your community. Don’t spend months paying for a building that isn’t meeting your congregation’s needs as you wait for a buyer. Instead, have us streamline the real estate transaction for you so the process is as smooth as it is quick. PropertyCashin are cash buyers who purchase properties across the country no matter the physical condition, for a fair amount of money and within a short term.

    We’ll conduct a fair property evaluation, handle all necessary paperwork for you, and help you effortlessly navigate the real estate transaction. Our process involves you paying for zero property repairs, fees, or closing costs. With PropertyCashin, you avoid the time consuming and difficult hang-ups of working with realtors or taking on the hassle of selling the property yourself. If you need to sell your church building quickly and get back to focusing on what really matters, then we at PropertyCashin are ready to give you a straightforward cash amount.

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