How It Works

  • STEP #1
    Submit Your Farm

    Contact us by calling, emailing or submitting the form online and tell us a little bit more about your farm.

  • STEP #2
    Schedule an Appointment

    We’ll contact you and schedule an appointment to visit your property and perhaps make all-cash offer on the spot.

  • STEP #3
    Accept The Offer

    Once you accept our fair all-cash offer, we’ll sign the contract and schedule a closing date of your choice.

  • STEP #4
    Cash in Your Pocket

    On the closing day it is when we formally close the transaction and after a few days you will get all your cash!

Frequently Asked Question

What is the timeframe for receiving a cash offer?

Following the quick walkaround of your farm that we’ll make to assess it, you can expect to receive a cash offer either the same day or within three days from then.

How to sell my farm by owner, without a realtor?

If you choose to sell your farm property without a real estate agent or broker, then selling your farm online is an option. However, taking on all the work that comes with selling your farm yourself as FSBO (for sale by owner) means you could be signing up for months of effort and costly expenses.

The best way to sell your farm by owner without difficulty and time consuming complications is with PropertyCashin. We’re farm buyers who provide a streamlined transaction that saves you from footing the bill for closing costs, paying for property improvements, negotiating with multiple buyers and their agents, and jumping through other hoops.

What are the advantages of having PropertyCashin buy my farm?

When owners like yourself sell a small farm or a larger agricultural property to PropertyCashin, they avoid spending time, effort and money out of pocket before the transaction. You will save yourself from the following time consuming hang-ups:

  • Investing funds to improve or repair the property to attract a buyer
  • Paying property taxes and utility bills when spending months or years looking for a buyer
  • Scheduling and conducting multiple viewings
  • Paying expensive real estate agent commissions
  • Waiting and hoping for the buyer to get a commercial mortgage approval from a bank
  • Staying stuck in place until a buyer makes you an offer

When you have PropertyCashin go to work for you, a fair deal can be wrapped up in days rather than months without you needing to invest massive chunks of time or subtract any expenses from your profit. Instead, you simply collect your cash.

Is a cash offer on my farm guaranteed?

Yes! PropertyCashin is a cash farm buyer that saves you from dealing with the uncertainty that comes with traditional real estate transactions. Here’s how we can guarantee you a fast cash offer: we use private money sources and hard money lenders in place of bank loans so we can eliminate the need for additional property inspections or appraisals.

Our process saves you precious time that would otherwise be wasted waiting for your buyer’s loan approval. We have cash ready to hand over for your property, so when we finalize our transaction, the title company supervising the deal quickly transfers the total profit you’re owed.

Can PropertyCashin buy my farm As Is?

Absolutely! You can sell your rural farm fast no matter the damages by contacting PropertyCashin and setting up a time to assess your farm’s value. After our quick visit, we give you a cash offer on your farm “As Is”. You don’t have to worry about any damage or your farm’s overall current condition. We’ll handle any issues ourselves after you get your profit and walk away.

Do I have to pay commissions or fees to sell to PropertyCashin?

Our process involves zero commissions or any other costs paid by you. We never trick our clients with hidden fees or expenses. The cash offer we present you with is what you can expect to receive at closing. With PropertyCashin, you don’t have to worry about any unpleasant surprises subtracting from your cash profit.

How soon can I close with PropertyCashin?

Our straightforward approach means that in most cases you can trade your farm for cash in less than 30 days. We understand that time sensitive situations like foreclosure require fast solutions, and so we work to get you a fast influx of cash ASAP.

Do I have to pay closing costs?

Because we mean it when we say we don’t take away from your profit, PropertyCashin takes care of all closing costs. We even help with moving!

Where does PropertyCashin purchase real estate?

As a national property buyer, PropertyCashin purchases properties across all 50 states, so you can contact us to sell your farm quickly no matter your property’s location.

Am I required to accept your cash offer?

Our all-cash offer comes with no strings or obligations whatsoever. You can choose to take our fair offer and enjoy your profit, or you can decline it without any consequences.

After I accept the cash offer, what happens next?

Once you decide to accept our cash offer and go through with the transaction, your next step is to sign our purchase contract. From there, we will choose a convenient closing date that works best for your schedule. Because we forego the hangups that come with receiving funding from banks, we can quickly have a title company receive our earnest deposit within as little as 72 hours.

When the scheduled closing date comes around, we’ll meet with the title company overseeing the transaction and sign the necessary contracts so that the title company can then transfer your much deserved profit into the account you specify. After the funds are exchanged and we close our deal, you’re left feeling satisfied with the job well done.

What kind of farms does PropertyCashin purchase?

To put it simply, PropertyCashin is interested in presenting a fair cash offer to any owner looking to sell a farm property, no matter the farm type, acreage, issues, or reasons for selling.

Whether you want to sell a chicken farm, cattle farm, or an agricultural farm, PropertyCashin can make you an offer. The same rule applies for large or small farms. Because we can make an offer on any property in any condition, you can contact PropertyCashin to turn your real estate into a fast and simple cash profit.

Does PropertyCashin only make offers on farms of a certain size?

We’re farm buyers who are happy to present straightforward offers to property owners looking to sell their farms no matter the size or condition of their properties. With PropertyCashin, you can sell your agricultural real estate quickly regardless of acreage, location, or the quality of land.


  • We expected to be stuck on the market for months if not years due to condition of the property. However, we had a smooth transaction with PropertyCashin. They quickly found a buyer for our warehouse. We’re happy!

    James RonaldHouston, TX
  • My brothers and I were selling our office building in Dallas after the tenant moved out. We had tried to sell it on Loopnet for roughly 6 months before reaching out to PropertyCashin. The offer was a little lower than we had hoped for but it was fair given the vacant condition and all cash. I think it closed roughly 30 to 35 days later from when we signed the contract. Overall it was a quick process and very smooth transition. We would definitely recommend Richard and Sam and the Propert Cashin team to anyone looking to liquidate their commercial property quickly.

    The Law Office of Ronald J. Washington Jr. PLLCDallas, TX
  • I highly recommend working with Ryan to anyone who is looking to sell a commercial property. Ryan is not only a knowledgeable investor but a great business man. He is a certified business broker and knows the needs of the seller. I would definitely work with him in the future.

    Jose QuintanillaAustin, TX
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Why Work With Us?

  • You’ll Get Paid in Cash

    We’ll Buy Your Farm ‘As Is’

    You’ll Get Personalized Service

    Very Fast Closing

  • No Realtor Commissions

    No Closing Costs & Fees

    No Repairs Needed

    No Waiting Years for a Buyer

Do You Need to Sell Your Farm Fast for Cash?

We Buy Farm Property and Farmhouses Nationwide!

  • When you need to sell a farm fast and for cash, you need a buyer ready to quickly put the money into your hands. PropertyCashin has extensive experience in buying farm properties “as is” across the United States for nothing but cash, and we are ready to do the same for you.

    We’re a cash buyer that does the legwork for you so you can sell your property in any condition it is currently in. The simple process starts with a fair evaluation of your property’s worth. From there, we move swiftly so you get the money you need as soon as possible. We’ve worked with hundreds of other property owners before, so you can be sure that you’re in good hands.

    With PropertyCashin, you can sell the family farm to start another business or sell an abandoned farm that you just never needed, no matter how bad it looks. With us you don’t need to spend money on repairs or wait on your buyer’s commercial mortgage approval. Instead, you sell fast and collect your funds effortlessly.

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Areas We Buy Farms In

You can sell us your commercial property no matter where in United States it is located. That being said, we still have transactions abroad. So if you own a farm land or a farm house outside the US and you urgently want to sell it, we’d love to come in and check it out.


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