Sell Us Your RV Campground for Cash in any Condition, for a Fair Price on the Date of Your Choice!

No realtor fees
No closing costs
No repairs needed
No lengthy sale cycle

How It Works

Sell your property fast with these 4 easy steps
Submit Your RV Park
Contact us by calling, emailing or submitting the online form and tell us a little more about your property.
Schedule an Appointment
We’ll contact you and schedule an appointment to visit your campground and perhaps make all-cash offer on the spot.
Accept The Offer
Once you accept our fair all-cash offer, we’ll sign the contract and schedule a closing date of your choice.
Get Paid
On the closing day is when we formally complete the transaction, and after a few days you will get all your cash!

Why Sell to PropertyCashin

You’ll get paid in cash
We’ll buy your RV park ‘as is’
You’ll get personalized service
Very fast closing
No realtor commissions
No closing costs & fees
No repairs needed
No waiting years for a buyer

Contact Us Today For a Quick, Obligation-Free Cash Offer

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How soon can PropertyCashin give me a cash offer?

When we wrap up paperwork and tour your property, you could be less than 3 days away from receiving an offer from PropertyCashin. Plus, we can sometimes make an offer right after the walkaround.

2. How to sell my RV park by owner, without a realtor?

Selling your RV park yourself without a real estate agent or broker can be more of a challenge than it first seems. Listing your property as “for sale by owner,” or FSBO for short, means you’re solely responsible for marketing your listing, conducting repairs in hopes of making your property stand out, hosting endless rounds of open houses and tours, and paying utility bills and upkeep expenses while you wait who knows how long for an offer.

The best way to sell your RV park is to contact PropertyCashin. Unlike other buyers out there, we guarantee you an obligation-free offer, and our selling process involves you paying zero repair costs, commissions, or hidden paperwork fees. You could sell your property in under 30 days no matter its current condition for nothing but cash.

3. Why should I sell my RV lot directly to PropertyCashin instead of using another selling method?

Selling your RV park to PropertyCashin means you avoid the expensive and tiring complications of traditional selling methods, such as:

  • Paying out of pocket for repairs and renovations to possibly attract a buyer
  • Burning money on marketing, appraisals, inspections, utility bills, regular upkeep, and other expenses for weeks, months, or even years
  • Hosting multiple viewings to strangers who could be wasting your time
  • Sitting around while a buyer tries to get a commercial mortgage approved from a bank
  • Starting over when a buyer’s funding falls through
  • Splitting any money you receive with a real estate agent

Unlike a real estate broker, PropertyCashin can close an effortless deal with you in only days. We’ll make everything fast and simple so you can get the cash you deserve without the headache.

4. Is a cash offer on my RV lot really guaranteed?

Yes! When you want to sell your campground, PropertyCashin can guarantee you an obligation-free cash offer. Our confidence comes from us using private money sources or pre-approved funds from hard money lenders in place of conventional funding methods. This means we don’t spend months waiting around for a bank to approve a loan, and we also don’t need to conduct multiple property inspections or appraisals.

After we conduct one quick and convenient assessment of your RV lot, we’ll make you an offer. Our partner lender has cash ready to go, so you will receive the entire amount you’ve been waiting for in one transfer when the closing date comes around.

5. Will PropertyCashin buy my camping land in any condition?

PropertyCashin can make you an offer no matter your property’s current condition. Whatever shows up in an inspection report won’t stand in the way of you receiving a cash offer and being able to close an effortless deal with us quickly.

We buy RV lots “As Is,” so the cost of repairing any property defects will be factored into the cash offer you receive right from the start. Because we fix up the property ourselves, you don’t have to worry about footing the bill for any updates. Instead, you simply collect and enjoy your money.

6. Do I have to pay commissions or fees to sell my RV lot to PropertyCashin?

Selling your campsite to PropertyCashin means you pay zero commissions or fees. We want your hard-earned money to stay yours. No unexpected expenses will be taken away from your all-cash offer. The amount we present you with is exactly what you receive on the specified closing day.

7. How quickly can I close with PropertyCashin?

We work hard and move quickly to close many deals in under 30 days. Pressing foreclosure concerns or a family emergency are only two of countless reasons why you could need to sell your RV lot fast.

We understand that receiving the funds you’ve been promised as quickly as possible can make or break a bad situation, so you can count on us to close our deal fast. You have enough to worry about as is, so we’ll also smooth out any complications ourselves and make our real estate transaction easy for you.

8. Does this real estate transaction involve me paying closing costs?

PropertyCashin never makes you pay closing costs. Instead, we take care of any expenses that come up on our end. When you want to sell your RV park to us, the last thing we want to do is make you pay any of your own money to get the funds you deserve.

9. Can PropertyCashin buy properties in my state?

Absolutely! Because PropertyCashin is a national commercial property buyer, you can count on us being able to make you an offer on your RV lot in whatever US state it is located in.

10. Is PropertyCashin’s offer obligation-free?

Yes. The offer you receive from PropertyCashin following the walkthrough of your RV lot comes with no hidden obligations or strings attached. You can choose to take our offer and complete a hands-off and fast-paced real estate transaction, or you can decide to turn our offer down without facing any consequences.

11. When I accept the offer, what is the next step?

After you take our cash offer on your RV lot, you then sign and date our purchase contract. From there, each involved party will weigh in on what closing date works best. We know you would prefer the closing date to arrive ASAP, so we’ll make every effort to keep you from waiting long. Because we move fast, PropertyCashin will send the specified title company the earnest money deposit in under 72 hours.

When the closing date arrives, the title company and PropertyCashin will convene to sign the necessary contracts, and then the title company will transfer the cash you’ve been waiting for to your specified account.

12. What kinds of camping land does PropertyCashin make offers on?

The straightforward answer is that PropertyCashin can purchase any kind of campgrounds and RV parks.

Throughout the years, we’ve bought properties of all types and conditions imaginable for clearcut money amounts. This means you can contact us to trade an abandoned RV lot for cash, part ways with unprofitable camping land, or quickly sell a campground for any other reason whatsoever.

Even if your property is heavily damaged and has defects that scare off the most fearless of buyers, we can make you an obligation-free offer on your lot quickly.

13. Will PropertyCashin only make offers on RV parks that meet a specific size requirement?

PropertyCashin doesn’t have any size requirements that you need to worry about. No matter if your campsite is big or small, we would be happy to assess its value and buy your property as it stands today. Simply put, when you want to sell your RV park quickly for cash, we are ready to make it happen.

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I reached out to PropertyCashin to sell my property in Compton, CA. I worked with Richard and Anthony and they made it easy and hassle free. I recommend anyone looking to sell their property to give these guys a call and ask for Anthony.


Highly recommended. 10/10 stars


My brothers and I were selling our office building in Dallas after the tenant moved out. We had tried to sell it on Loopnet for roughly 6 months before reaching out to PropertyCashin. The offer was a little lower than we had hoped for but it was fair given the vacant condition and all cash. I think it closed roughly 30 to 35 days later from when we signed the contract. Overall it was a quick process and very smooth transition. We would definitely recommend Richard and Sam and the Propert Cashin team to anyone looking to liquidate their commercial property quickly.


We expected to be stuck on the market for months if not years due to condition of the property. However, we had a smooth transaction with PropertyCashin. They quickly found a buyer for our warehouse. We're happy!


I highly recommend working with Ryan to anyone who is looking to sell a commercial property. Ryan is not only a knowledgeable investor but a great business man. He is a certified business broker and knows the needs of the seller. I would definitely work with him in the future.


Great bunch of guys, honest , helpful , and transparent all the way. Highly recommended


PropertyCashin helped me sell my property fast and for a fair price. Anthony Martin personally took the time to contact me every step of the way. Closing was a breeze and received funds within 48 hours. Would highly recommend this company if you need to sell your property.

Tiffany Hill
Compton, CA
Matthew Kinneman
Houston, TX
The Law Office of Ronald J. Washington Jr. PLLC
Dallas, TX
James Ronald
Houston, TX
Jose Quintanilla
Austin, TX
Jose Cantu
Houston, TX
Jose Dallo

Do You Need to Sell Your RV Park Fast for Cash?

We Buy Campgrounds Nationwide!

Is it time to sell your RV lot and find another source of income? Are you scrambling to figure out how to sell your unprofitable campground to meet a pressing deadline? Whatever your reason is for trading your camping land fast for cash, PropertyCashin is ready to make you an offer. Don’t put yourself through the ringer by dealing with multiple appraisals and inspections, slow-moving buyers, never-ending expenses, and inconvenient waiting periods.

Instead, you can have PropertyCashin make collecting your money effortless, inexpensive, and fast-paced. PropertyCashin is an experienced cash buyer who closes clear-cut deals in 30 days or less. Our streamlined process involves only one property walkthrough, and our cash offer comes with no obligations.

We can make an offer on your campsite as it stands today, and you don’t have to worry about any property defects slowing our process down. We’ll buy your lot As Is for nothing but cash. It’s that easy! Selling your RV park doesn’t have to be an exhausting and expensive undertaking. Make selling your lot simple and fast by contacting PropertyCashin.