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    Request a cash offer for your commercial property from our Corpus Christi investors by filling out this quick form or calling our local office at (877) 717-2087.

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    After reviewing the details about your property, our team member will contact you to schedule a visit to come see your Corpus Christi property.

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    After getting a more clear picture of your property’s condition, we’ll give you an all-cash, fair offer based on your local Corpus Christi’s market value.

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    When you accept our offer, we’ll handle all the formalities and agree on a closing date. After closing you’ll get paid within a few days.


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How fast will Property Cashin buy my Corpus Christi commercial property?

All you need to do is sign some paperwork and cash will be in your bank account as quickly as one week! No need for expensive real estate agents; Wwe buy property as is.

When selling my property to Property Cashin how will I get paid?

We pay in cash, CaSh, CASH! No delays. When selling your business property to Property Cashin, you will receive cash quicker than you can say, “Give me easy money!”

Do I have to pay more to sell my property in Corpus Christi fast?

We don’t charge any upfront fee; all costs are rolled into the transaction so you won’t see a dime leave your bank account. Ca-ching!


8 Reasons You Need To Sell Your Commercial Property Fast

Facing Foreclosure

Corpus Christi’s median rent per month is rising 3% and property values are steadily increasing. With the financial strain on loanees increasing, coastal living in this Texas surf town comes at a steep price.

Your business is your number one priority and the costs associated with foreclosure only increase the longer you sit and wait. There are many reasons you might find yourself in a foreclosure situation but they all mean one thing: you need to sell fast!

Property Cashin will be there for you when you’re ready, taking away the constant loss of return on your dwindling investment.

Business Revenue Loss

Is money just not pouring in like it used to when you purchased your corporate property? If revenue losses look like they’re taking a turn for the worse, get out while you can.

Paying a mortgage is often the biggest recurring expense a business can incur each month. Don’t take chances and false hopes that things will turn around. If you’re seeing losses in revenue and your profits just aren’t cutting it for your mortgage, consider selling with Property Cashin today.

We can free you from your monthly commitment in no time and off looking for the better choice built for your business.

Business Lawsuit

Spending too much time and money in court can be a real hassle for business. The time and money it takes to hire a lawyer, develop a case, and spend in the courtroom is a drain on resources.

Consider opening up a money source immediately by selling your property fast with Property Cashin. The breathing room that the money from your property investment affords you could be just the difference between losing or winning a case and seeing business return to usual.

Call Property Cashin and we will give you special consultation for your particular case and get the money you need as quickly as one week.

Partnership Issues

Issues arising between business partners can make things unpredictable at best and vindictive at worst. Before you get more invested in a business conflict, consider selling the shared property and splitting the cost to not have funds tied together.

Don’t bring another source of conflict into the mix by trying to decide to rent, renovate, or repair your flat and decide who the next real estate broker will be.

Call Property Cashin and we’ll use our experience in such matters to make amicable amends between parties and sell your property as is – the quickest way to not enmesh a bad relationship in further business.

Major Repairs Needed

Have you neglected your business or corporate property, or did you buy it with repairs needed that are now out of control?

Costly repairs don’t always get the return on investment envisioned and unexpected expenses may arise, putting your business further in the hole and at stake. Business real estate is usually more expensive, contractors take advantage, and the quantity of space needing attention rakes up the cost fast.

You pay no cash up front and the time you’ll save selling your business real estate to Property Cashin will leave you with more time to attend your profitable business.

Bigger/Smaller Location

Looking to save costs and exchange your current property for another more sensible property investment? It’s time to trade up!

There are several options to saving costs and among them are downsizing spaces or upsizing if your business is growing and you need more space to increase profits. Consider what’s right for your business or call Property Cashin to consult with our experts to find the best option.

We’ll size your business and its needs up and recommend bigger or smaller locations or close yet cheaper towns to Corpus Christi to account for the size change like Robstown, Odem, or Portland.

Personal Issues

Want to take time off to focus on health or other personal issues like a death in the family or divorce? Take the extra weight off your shoulders and consider selling your property to against for the time and money you need to spend on the peace of mind.

If you’re experiencing personal issues that may negatively impact your work and business, cashing in or trading investments are great ways to change your pace. Call Property Cashin to discuss your situation and the lifestyle changes that will better enable you to recover from a bad situation.

The extra cash from trading in your business property as is may just be enough to take a dream vacation to wash the worries away.

Cash In On Equity

If you bought your corporate property years ago and the surrounding property values are rising, it’s a great time to trade in your property’s equity and get cash in your bank account.

Or, if property values are decreasing, you’re likely seeing a trend that could swallow your hard-earned money. Act fast and avoid pitfalls of waiting. Paying real estate agents and brokers to do the selling and renovations they expect to take the job will cost you unnecessary time and money at a risk of who you chose.

We will offer one price and buy your property as is so you can reinvest or cash in on the equity you’ve had locked away in your property. Sell your property fast and get moving on your next big adventure with Property Cashin.


CALL US TODAY: (877) 717-2087


How We Can Help?

Property Cashin specializes in giving commercial property owners in Texas quick cash for their properties. Our local expertise lets us deliver quick offers for properties in any condition.

We’ll help you sell your commercial property in Corpus Christi, TX fast. While we buy properties for cash from all over America, we do most of our business in local Texas communities.

We help people from all walks of life, including business owners looking to retire, investors who need to get rid of bad assets, and people who need some quick cash to avoid bankruptcy. 

We’re experienced in expediting negotiations and moving through the closing process as efficiently as possible to get your money to you, fast. Whether your property is an office park, apartment building, warehouse or even undeveloped commercial land, Property Cashin can help you sell it for quick cash.

Don’t pay property taxes or utilities for land that’s not making you any money. Let us turn that investment into money you can spend.

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