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    Request a cash offer for your commercial property from our Cypress investors by filling out this quick form or calling our local office at (877) 717-2087.

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    After reviewing the details about your property, our team member will contact you to schedule a visit to come see your Cypress property.

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    After getting a more clear picture of your property’s condition, we’ll give you an all-cash, fair offer based on your local Cypress’s market value.

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    When you accept our offer, we’ll handle all the formalities and agree on a closing date. After closing you’ll get paid within a few days.


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How fast will Property Cashin sell my commercial property in Cypress TX??

Property Cashin can sell your property fast—within one week’s time. We understand the need to expedite the real estate transaction process, so we like to tell our customers that we are the fastest way for you to sell. In Cypress especially, we can commit to having the buying/selling process completed in one week. Selling your commercial property for cash may just be the best decision you make this year.

Can I get cash for my commercial property in Cypress TX when selling to Property Cashin?

Absolutely! We wouldn’t want it any other way. We are sure to buy your commercial property and provide you with cold, hard cash. We can sell your property fast, for cash, and what can be better than that? I know what you’re thinking—nothing can be better!

How much do I need to pay to sell my building in Cypress TX quickly?

Notta! We don’t nickel and dime you like real estate agents and real estate brokers. Here at Property Cashin we roll all of the fees and charges into one transaction; that way all you have to do is come and pick up your cash! We understand how it feels to be bombarded by charges and surprised by hidden fees. We don’t want to do this to you. That’s why we can sell your property fast. We are efficient and know the best way to complete the transaction.


8 Reasons You Need To Sell Your Commercial Property Fast

Facing Foreclosure

Oh no, it’s that pesky f-word again—foreclosure. If you are living in Cypress TX and have been struggling to keep up with your commercial property mortgage bills, then you can stop worrying.

We can help. By selling us your commercial property, we are able to give you a quick cash turn around. Your life will no longer be dictated by your mortgage payment (aren’t you starting to feel better already?). With the cash you receive, you can begin to build something new!

Within one week’s time we will be able to erase your worries and replace them with something everyone wants—money.

Business Revenue Loss

Have internal and external sales variables been hard to predict lately? Has your business suffered revenue loss because of this?

We understand because we are a business too. Stop scraping the bottom of the barrel to pay your bills, and instead let us help give you a way out. Selling your commercial property to us will plug the hole in your sinking ship.

We will offer you a generous amount of cash within a week for your property holdings. You then are free to bail your company out with this cash or start something new! Doesn’t that sound like a good plan?

Business Lawsuit

Is your business suffering a lawsuit? Do you feel as if you are aboard a sinking ship and there isn’t a lifeboat in sight? Let us paddle you to safety!

We can buy your commercial property fast, for cash-money, and help you solve your lawsuit problems. (Well, mostly). Lawsuits can be costly, and cash up-front may be needed. We know this, and we can help you. After selling us your commercial property, you will no longer need to sell your old Gucci suits for some extra cash.

You will already have some! It takes about a week for the entire real estate transaction, and at the end you walk away with cash in-hand. Let us help take care of this situation.

Partnership Issues

Let me guess, you and your business partner are no longer seeing eye-to-eye. Did you both grow up in Cypress TX? Have you just been spending too much time together?

Business partnerships are like any other relationship—they have the same odds of going south. If it’s time to sell your commercial property, we can help you sell it fast. We will offer you a substantial cash amount for your property, and just like that you’ll be free of your business partner.

You will no longer have to share an office; instead you can split the cash. Both of you will be on your way!

Major Repairs Needed

Leaky faucets, dripping roofs, fraying carpet. We’ve heard it all. Don’t feel overwhelmed by the state of disrepair you have found yourself in. We buy commercial properties “As Is”.

Instead of taking five Tylenol a day for that pesky headache that won’t go away, sell your property to us. We are a balm for your situation. We will offer you a cash amount for the sale of your commercial property, regardless if it is fixed-up or not.

The fence only reaches halfway around the property? No problem. A window was smashed in recently? Not an issue. We are not afraid to buy properties that need maintenance in Cypress TX.

Bigger/Smaller Location

Is your business outgrowing the smaller town of Cypress TX? It may be time to relocate. A quick and easy way to sell your commercial property fast is to sell it to us!

We are committed to providing excellent service to aid your company and its growth. On the flip side of things, maybe sales haven’t been too great lately. It’s time to downsize. Now keep in mind, downsizing doesn’t mean you have failed.

It only means you are being smart with your current financial situation. Sell your too-big commercial property space to us, and we will give you cash! Use this cha-ching to then buy a smaller space. Problem solved.

Personal Issues

Sometimes, life throws you a curveball. An unexpected separation, an undiagnosed health issue, a surprise pregnancy, you name it, we’ve heard it.

While we cannot fix all of your problems for you, we can help you out with one. We can help you quickly sell your commercial property. If it’s time to sell, it’s time to sell. We want to ensure you get the best bang for your buck, so within one week’s time we will be able to give you cash for your commercial property.

You can then use this cash for divorce fees, medical bills or painting the new nursery. It’s up to you.

Cash In On Equity

Have you thought about your equity lately? Well we have, and we want to remind you that you may still be able to cash-in on your equity! Sell your commercial property to us, and we will provide you with a considerable cash offer.

In addition you may receive any equity that is in your business. If you owe less on your property than the property is worth, there is a good chance you can get some equity back.

We know the drill by heart, and we can help you sell your commercial property fast. Located in Cypress TX? Perfect, we want to help.


CALL US TODAY: (877) 717-2087


How We Can Help?

Do you need to sell your commercial property quickly? Then look no further. We are cash buyers looking for commercial property in the greater Cypress, TX.

We buy commercial property in any condition, any location around Cypress. Your deal will be closed within days without any fee or commission.

How we work

We can help you solve your problem quickly. We understand that selling commercial property can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. We make it simple and clear.

We’ll make you a cash offer as soon as we see your property. If the offer works for you, we’ll sign a purchase agreement to confirm that you’ve agreed to sell your property. You’ll get paid as soon as the deal is closed.

We strive to be open and upfront right from the beginning. If you want to sell your property for quick cash, feel free to contact us to begin the process with you. We’re available anytime.

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