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    Request a cash offer for your commercial property from our El Paso investors by filling out this quick form or calling our local office at (877) 717-2087.

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    After getting a more clear picture of your property’s condition, we’ll give you an all-cash, fair offer based on your local El Paso’s market value.

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    When you accept our offer, we’ll handle all the formalities and agree on a closing date. After closing you’ll get paid within a few days.


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We buy commercial properties not only in El Paso, Texas but also in all the surrounding areas. Therefore, if your property happens to be outside the El Paso, feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to buy your property in any location.

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What are some of the advantages you have by selling your commercial property in El Paso, Texas with Property Cashin?
  • You don’t have to pay a penny during any part of the real estate transaction. Avoid all those pesky and pricey realtor commission costs with us!
  • No matter what your situation is, our experienced team members will go above and beyond to deliver personalized service at your doorstep.
  • We can give you an all-cash offer, schedule a closing date of your property, and have you walking out the door within in a week!
  • You can stop worrying about the endless property issues you have yet to fix because Property Cashin will buy real estate in as-is condition!
  • You will not face any hidden fees as long as you are working with us! We are a group of cash property buyers that want to eliminate the typical lengthy sale cycle to help you first and foremost!
How fast will it take your company to purchase my building in El Paso, TX?

Give us a call today and we can have the entire property transaction complete in only a week! If you accept our cash offer, we can schedule a date of your choice, and you will be paid after a few days.

How much will I be charged at the end of the Property Cashin process to sell my El Paso, TX property quickly?

You will not be charged anything! There are no closing costs or hidden fees. You will be the one walking away with cash in your pocket after choosing us!


8 Reasons You Need To Sell Your Commercial Property Fast

Facing Foreclosure

As a commercial property owner, you have many responsibilities including paying for property taxes, the payments on the building itself, and any repairs needed.

If you happen to be a business owner, this could make funds even more limited as you now have to pay for tools and improvements to advance your workplace, as well as employees’ salaries. The costs can clearly add up quickly, and depending on the profit you are making, you could fall behind on payments.

Don’t let this situation become yours, and take action today to avoid possible foreclosure. Call us for an obligation free cash offer, and we can start your fast property sale as soon as today.

Business Revenue Loss

Perhaps you own a business and are dealing with the major market changes that are affecting your company income. The economy fluctuates every day, but consecutive monetary revenue loss can end up being too much to handle after a while.

You may need to consider cutting back on people you employ, or even changing the location of your business to a less expensive area. Property Cashin can guarantee you a quick and easy sale for your commercial property to help you afford this huge change in your business.

You will have cash within a couple days to help resolve some of the issues you may be faced with as a business owner.

Business Lawsuit

The business you created could be having the best success it has had in decades, but you are now filing for a lawsuit because another company is trying to take credit for something your business legally established.

Imaginably, you probably want to take this case to court because you have worked hard to earn a name for your business and won’t let someone just get away with profiting off your work. This could be a situation you can relate to, and if so, you are aware of the pricey lawyer fees to come.

A quick and efficient way to make cash is to sell your home to Property Cashin. It may be a last resort option for you, but it’s the best one if you need cash fast!

Partnership Issues

It can be a business owner’s worst nightmare, but having disagreements and ultimately major issues with a professional partner can be detrimental to the business itself.

Depending on the issue, problems can be worked out and strategies can still be made to advance the business. When and if they are unable to be resolved though, you will need a solution to offset the inescapable expenses to come.

Property Cashin will work directly with property owners to turn their real assets into cash, saving you time and providing you with reliable assistance. This could be the backup plan you’ve been looking for!

Major Repairs Needed

Natural disasters, major and mild storms, old appliances, water leaks: These are just some of the property issues you could be dealing with on a daily basis as a real estate owner.

As with anything in life, keeping up on maintenance costs can make or break you if you are tight on cash. The cost of repairs will only increase, too, if problems are not taken care of. Here at Property Cashin, we understand that it can get hard to maintain your property.

So we bring our flexible deal making to the table and expedite the closing process to get you cash in exchange for your commercial property at your doorstep within a week.

Bigger/Smaller Location

As a commercial property owner, you have grown to love the place of your business for the past couple years. The economy is at a high now, and your business could be flourishing.

Maybe you are considering relocating to a newer and bigger building to accommodate for the rise in sales at your business while it lasts. Selling your place to Property Cashin could be the perfect fit for you.

A quick and effective transaction process guaranteed, the professionals at our company will have you ready with cash to move forward with the future of your business accomplishments and goals.

Personal Issues

Personal issues are usually the main reason for needing cash fast. Life throws problems our way when we least expect it. Family issues like a divorce or unexpected illness also means unanticipated bills.

Where are you supposed to get money from when you happen to be in a timely and costly cash crunch? Property Cashin is the answer. We deliver you fast, life changing results when you choose to cash in on your commercial real estate with us.

Make the best use out of your real estate assets and turn it into cash today before more problems and debt in life arise.

Cash In On Equity

Managing commercial property can get tiring after years of doing so, and can almost seem like it is holding you down. Some people want to rid themselves of the weight and responsibility that comes with owning a property to chase other ambitious goals.

You could possibly want to start traveling, and not be tied down with the stress and costs that come with ownership. If this sounds like you, make some time to consider cashing in on your property equity and selling your place with Property Cashin.

We’re the company that people turn to when they need their commercial property sold fast for cash to start living their dreams!


CALL US TODAY: (877) 717-2087


How We Can Help?

If you want to sell commercial property fast, El Paso TX is one of the best cities in the entire country to get a great deal for some quick cash. Property Cashin has been dealing in real estate for many years in the El Paso, TX area.

We buy properties for cash through our experienced team of agents. They understand the value of your assets and treat you with dignity and courtesy in every transaction.

The current state and the upkeep of your commercial property does not matter – it can be in any condition. Our friendly, knowledgeable realty specialists will always give you a good, honest quote.

Because we buy properties for cash, there are no delays in payments. If you need quick cash, why not speak to us so we can help? If you are looking to sell commercial property fast in El Paso, TX, or in the surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to call us today.

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