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    Request a cash offer for your commercial property from our Grand Prairie investors by filling out this quick form or calling our local office at (877) 717-2087.

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    After reviewing the details about your property, our team member will contact you to schedule a visit to come see your Grand Prairie property.

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    Accept Our Offer

    After getting a more clear picture of your property’s condition, we’ll give you an all-cash, fair offer based on your local Grand Prairie’s market value.

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    Get Paid

    When you accept our offer, we’ll handle all the formalities and agree on a closing date. After closing you’ll get paid within a few days.


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Will Property Cashin buy my property fast?

Yes! Using our secure website, submit your property details and set up an appointment. After a scheduled visit, you choose a closing date, we buy your house in cash! It’s that easy. Set up a viewing with us today! If you accept our all-cash offer you choose the closing date and you’ll get your cash in just a few short days.

Can I get cash for my commercial property when selling to Property Cashin?

After our property visit, we may make you an offer on the spot! Otherwise, you will receive your all-cash payment within a few days after closing.

How much do I need to pay to sell my building quickly?

At Property Cashin, there are no closing costs or realtor fees associated with our services. We are here to support the people of Grand Prairie, and the booming economy of our great American city.


8 Reasons You Need To Sell Your Commercial Property Fast

Facing Foreclosure

Every once in awhile, we could all use some help out of a bind. There are lots of reasons you might want to sell your commercial property fast.

Maybe you are facing foreclosure, can’t pay your bills, and aren’t sure if you even want to continue with your business. Selling your business to us for a quick, easy payment might be the best choice for you. We offer a fast avenue to financial security and peace of mind.

Grand Prairie is a thriving city with many large and small businesses which bolster our economy – we want to serve the community and offer our assistance when you get into a tight spot. Submit your details today: we would love to discuss your options with you.

Business Revenue Loss

Grand Prairie is a strong example of a thriving city built from hard work and tenacity. Many large businesses have provided jobs for our residents, and small businesses have helped to support our local farmers.

If you own a business and have experienced a financial hit due to the national economy, low sales, or any other cause, selling your property with our fast and easy service might be the best choice for you and your family.

Even if your building is in less than perfect shape, we want to help! If you’ve lost a lot of business revenue and are ready to cut ties and start over, and could use some fast cash, sign up today!

Business Lawsuit

There are many potential legal issues a small business owner can face. For example, you could get slapped with a fine from the city for failing inspection.

This can be a major money-drain: instead of going into debt trying to make fast, major repairs, let us help you out of the situation. Sometimes it’s best to start over in a new space: Grand Prairie needs small businesses that support local economy and farming.

Don’t take on more debt for a venture you can’t keep up with: if you’re having financial issues and want to sell your property fast, call us today.

Partnership Issues

Sometimes, starting a small business with the wrong person can come back to haunt us. It’s impossible to predict the future, so it’s important to be prepared for the possibility of an entrepreneurial partnership not working out.

Maybe you both have different visions, or things aren’t working out the way you had planned. If your partner walks out on you, or you simply don’t work well together, don’t get left footing the bill.

If you just want out of the situation, contact Property Cashin today. Let us help you focus on your next step.

Major Repairs Needed

If your commercial space is in need of repairs, don’t worry! We will consider a property in any state. Just submit the details of your property, including damages, when you use our online service available at our website.

We will consider real estate in need of repairs, even major ones. Sometimes structural repairs fall by the wayside, or natural disasters take a toll on our commercial properties that we just don’t have the time and money to fix.

Let us help you achieve peace of mind and unshoulder the heavy burden of the cost of structural repairs.

Bigger/Smaller Location

Grand Prairie is a large city that serves a population of hardworking Americans. It is vital that our small businesses succeed alongside our larger ones in order to keep our economy booming.

As Grand Prairie is a thriving city with a supportive community, it is possible your business is doing so well, you need to upgrade your space! There are innumerable advantages to moving your successful business to a larger or more lucrative space.

Similarly, if you need to downsize, or move to a more affordable location, we are here to get you into your new storefront quickly and easily. Let us help you get into the right space for you and your business.

Personal Issues

Life is unpredictable. We all deal with sudden events, such as health issues, disability, illness of a loved one, or other life-changing occurrences.

Sometimes these things get in the way of maintaining a business, and you may even need to close quickly or move to another city. You don’t need anything else to worry about at a time like this: selling your business space should be hassle-free and easy.

Let us help make this process as simple a possible. Schedule a viewing: Property Cashin guarantees the fastest turnaround and an all-cash offer for your space in just a few days.

Cash In On Equity

At Property Cashin, we want you to benefit from the sale of your commercial property as much as possible– even against equity. That’s right! It can be next to impossible to make rent payments on your business each month, especially if you’ve recently lost revenue and are behind on your payments.

This can be one of the most stressful situations in life: let us help you get out of debt and get back to living your life! We want to support the people and economy of Grand Prairie, as we are a patriotic company and we love our community.

Submit your details, let us determine market value of your space, and get your all-cash offer today. There’s nothing to lose!


CALL US TODAY: (877) 717-2087


How We Can Help?

Does the prospect of a fast, simple and painless transaction for your commercial property interest you? If it does, this might be the most important article you read today.

Property Cashin is not your ordinary commercial property company. We buy properties for cash and specialize in delivering quick cash payments to our clients.

We are always looking for individuals who want to sell commercial property fast in Grand Prairie TX. Your property could be in any condition – brand new or old and dilapidated – we are interested in purchasing it and offering you an attractive price.

We have made the process extremely simple, too. You just have to contact us and we will handle the rest. A team of valuators will arrange a visit to the site and present you with a fair and balanced assessment of its value.

If you agree, we will commence the transfer process immediately and deliver your quick cash to you. Done. 

Property Cashin has already helped many people in Grand Prairie, TX with their commercial property transactions. Discover why they love our work by contacting us today.

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