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Are there benefits of selling my New Braunfels, Texas property to Property Cashin?

By selling your property to us you will be receiving many benefits such as:

  • A quick sale that will allow you to move on as you please.
  • A personable selling experience that makes you feel secure.
  • A sale experience without the paperwork and the hassle of a realtor.
  • A stress free and uncomplicated selling process that works for everyone.
  • A fair and wholesome sale that will give you the money your property deserves.

Will I be able to sell my commercial property fast and earn cash when selling to Property Cashin?

You can sell your property to Property Cashin fast. Within a week we can buy your property and pay you cash. Your place will not need any repairs or fixes in order for us to buy it. We’ll buy it for a fair price and make the selling process easy for you.

What will I need to pay to sell my building quickly?

You won’t need to pay a dime to sell us your property. We’ll buy it in ‘as is’ condition so you don’t have to put any money into your commercial property to sell it. We also cut out the realtor process so you get a simple payment when we sell it. Everything is rolled into the transaction and you leave happy with cash in hand.


8 Reasons You Need To Sell Your Commercial Property Fast

Facing Foreclosure

Foreclosure is never a good thing. Your property is at risk of foreclosing and your time is running short to find a better option. If you’re facing foreclosure you’re probably having issues financially.

Your expenses may be too much to handle. Your credit score is in danger and you’re at risk of losing your property for nothing in return. A solution would be to sell the property.

Foreclosure can negatively impact you even after it’s already done. You need a quick, simple, easy-going process to sell your property. You can sell it within a week without the hassle of a realtor. Sell it to Property Cashin fast for cash in exchange.

Business Revenue Loss

If your business is losing revenue than you’re facing a hardship that may make maintaining your property seem impossible. Your options may be to sell the property and find a better suited location or you may want to completely close your business.

Either way, Property Cashin can help you sell your property. We understand your wants and needs for your commercial property. We can offer you a fast and simple process to sell your home.

We provide convenience to you by leaving out the realtor process. Skipping the long drawn out paperwork will allow you to have cash in hand and your property sold in the blink of an eye.

Business Lawsuit

Lawsuits happen to the best of the best business companies. Your business has been tackling a lawsuit for a while and your clientele is starting to drop. Your lawyer fees are expensive as well as your bills adding up.

You need to make a change to save yourself from a financial hell. You can sell your property while your business is taking a hit.

By relocating or closing, you can save yourself from more money misfortune. We’ll work with you to help you sell your home. Property Cashin will buy your home for a fair price fast and without a hassle.

Partnership Issues

Running a business can be hard but maintaining a business partnership as well can be even more difficult. Everyone has dreams of being their own boss so working with someone else isn’t ideal.

If you’re ready to let your business relationship go your best option is to sell your commercial property. You can sell your business space to us, Property Cashin will make it a simple and fast sale.

By selling us your home, we help you move on to bigger and better things with your business. If you sell your property to us you can make changes within your business. You can divide the assets with your partner and start your own business or you can take the money and settle into retirement happily.

Major Repairs Needed

Most businesses have to put some work in once in awhile to update and maintain their property. Sometimes poorly constructed or aged sites may need constant repair and upkeep.

These fixes can add up to be quite expensive and timely. The good news is you can sell your property without making any updates or maintenance repairs to the place.

Property Cashin will buy your place of business without you having to make any fixes. We allow you to move out of there fast by purchasing it in ‘as is’ condition. Don’t stress over your property, make cash by selling it to us.

Bigger/Smaller Location

You’ve been watching your business steadily fall. Your income is hardly coming in but your money is quickly going out. The bills keep coming in but the revenue is not and you’re struggling. You’re stuck and confused as to what to do to handle your property as your business is hurting.

Your business has been steadily growing. Overnight it has appeared to boom and your customer base has greatly expanded. You need to update and find a larger space to meet the demands of your growing customer base, staff, and supply.

Your best move is to leave quickly before you lose out on more money. Your best option is to sell your property to Property Cashin fast and make cash to move.

Personal Issues

We understand everyone faces obstacles in life. You may be facing your own personal problems. Whether you’re facing divorce, health issues, or financial problems, there is a solution. Your commercial property may start to become too hard to handle at this time.

Regardless of what personal issues you are facing, you can sell your property to make life a little easier. If you sell your property you can put all your attention and time into what is really important to you. Property Cashin will buy your property in a week and give you cash, setting you free to deal with what you need to at home.

Cash In On Equity

You have dreams of doing greater things with your life. Your commercial property has been taking up your time and money. Recently, you’ve discovered you can cash in on the equity of your property.

There are things you want to do and ridding of the space will allow you to move on to the next chapter of your life. There is a way you can still have the freedom and money to do all that you want to.

Selling your property to Property Cashin will help you in the long run by making it simple and quick to rid of it. You can have cash in hand in a week and a smile on your face in no time.


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How We Can Help?

You may have property that is quickly depleting your resources or taking up more time to manage than without providing the returns you need. Whatever your reason is for wanting to sell commercial property fast in New Braunfels, TX, Property Cashin is the commercial real estate expert you need to consult.

We do the difficult part of finding you a buyer that can pay quick cash for your property, and facilitating a sale that is easy and expedited. When we buy properties for cash in any condition, we minimize the time spent on negotiations and repairs thus eliminating the stress that is associated with traditional sales agents.

Our main goal is to ensure that it is a win-win for all parties involved and that we leave you in a position to take the next step as soon as possible. We’ve achieved this by providing fair all-cash offers to business owners, landlords, companies and investors all over Texas for many years.

Don’t waste anymore time in trying to sell your commercial property in New Braunfels, TX. Give Property Cashin a call to learn more about how we buy properties for cash in any condition.

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