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Will Property Cashin buy my Pasadena property fast?

Most Property Cashin transactions will take less than a week to complete. So, yes. We will buy your property fast because you probably have your own pressures to work under, and we would not want to unnecessarily add to that burden.

Can I get cash for my Pasadena commercial property when selling to Property Cashin?

We buy properties for cash. This includes your commercial property as well. We know that you may have something that you need to take care of right now, so we offer for your property so you can take of your business as fast as possible.

How much do I need to pay to sell my Pasadena building quickly?

All the costs and expenses associated with sale to Property Cashin are combined into a single transaction for you. Unlike the nickel and diming of realtors and real estate brokers, we will not bury you under unnecessary paperwork or extra charges. The only thing you will need to do is pick up the cash you are owed.


8 Reasons You Need To Sell Your Commercial Property Fast

Facing Foreclosure

If mortgage payments, personal debts, or interest payments are piling up then they can have an effect on you and your property.

Debt is already bad enough, but when the foreclosure proceedings begin then your equity begins to take a hit as well. This can hurt you and your business in the short and long term.

At Property Cashin, we can help you alleviate both of those problems. We buy properties for cash and we do it fast. This way you can avoid foreclosure and get cash to start something new, or pay off debt.

Business Revenue Loss

Not every business will be treated fairly in the current economic state, unfortunately, and that might mean that your business is beginning to lose money.

While it is always possible to ride it out and hope that business goes on the upturn again, you will be risking losing money all the while. Then there is always the possibility that business does not get better.

Property Cashin can help you get out of this situation before it gets worse. We will buy your property fast so you can stop losing money, and then we give you cash to start something new.

Business Lawsuit

Whatever the reason you might be facing down a lawsuit, it will cost you money in court fees and legal expenses. These are expensive costs that can eat into your bottom line.

Then your business might also take on a bad reputation which could mean reduced business after the lawsuit is settled anyway. In this case, it might be for the best to sell your property.

With the quick sale that Property Cashin can offer, you can be rid of a bad business and move out from under its shadow with cash in hand to start a new business or at least move on from the lawsuit.

Partnership Issues

Partnering up to run a business can help alleviate the problems of running a business, but it does not always work out as well as you hoped.

Sometimes a business partner can turn out to be a burden on the business or sometimes they are just simply difficult to work with. Either way, a bad partnership could also be bad for the business and harm its ability to function properly.

We at Property Cashin can help you quickly and easily get out of a bad partnership. We will buy your property quickly and “As is,” so you can get out quickly. We also pay cash so you can move on easily.

Major Repairs Needed

Sometimes a property gets to the point where the cost of maintenance and repairs exceeds what you think the property is actually worth.

Worse yet, you might have been sold a property that was in need of major repairs that you were not aware of or did not notice. Before you considering sinking more money into repairs, another option might be to sell your property.

Property Cashin will buy your property “As is” so you will not need to invest more of your money to make it look good or repair it. We will buy it quickly and give you the cash you need to offset the repair costs or buy a property that is in better shape.

Bigger/Smaller Location

Some businesses find themselves located in a space that just is not the right size for them. A business might find itself in a place that is too large and costly for the kind of business it does. Another business might find itself quickly outgrowing its small space. Both situations can hinder their ability to function.

At Property Cashin, we will buy your property and we will do it quickly, so you do not have to lose more money in your current space. Then you can get the cash to move into a space that is just the right size for your business.

Personal Issues

Personal issues outside of your business might hinder your ability to properly run your business, which can hurt its function in the long run.

Perhaps you are going through a separation that needs your time and money, or a health issue demands your attention and the costs need to be paid. If it becomes too much, you might want to sell your property quickly.

By selling your property through Property Cashin, you can relieve yourself of the burden of a business so you can focus your attention on your own self. The cash you receive can help you pay for it too.

Cash In On Equity

There might come a time where you think that you have run a nice business for long enough. You might think it is time to move on to the next stage of your life, and you want to just offload the business. By cashing in on the equity of your business, you can jumpstart whatever comes next in your life.

Property Cashin can help because we will buy your property for cash and we do it quickly. So with cash in hand, you will be able to fund the next big thing or maybe pay off a big debt that you have had for awhile.


CALL US TODAY: (877) 717-2087


Property Cashin can help you turn your old, unused commercial properties into money in the bank, fast. If you want to sell your commercial property in Pasadena, TX fast, we’re your number one choice.

While we buy properties for cash all over America, we concentrate most of our business in Texas. This gives us the local expertise we need to give you a fair market price as swiftly as possible.

Our staff is experienced at making the closing process go as fast and smoothly as possible. This gives you quick cash in the bank for your retirement, debts, or next business venture.

Don’t pay property taxes or upkeep on land that’s not making you money. Property Cashin will buy properties in any condition. We’ll give you the financial freedom you need.

Skip the lengthy process of listing your property on the open market and sell it to us. We’ll give you a fair price.

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