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How quickly will Property Cashin sell my building?

Property Cashin will buy your property faster than any realtor or owner property sale. Why? Because we’re experts and we buy as-is, without expensive repairs and renovations.

When selling my business flat to Property Cashin, can I receive cash?

When selling your commercial property to Property Cashin, you will receive CASH in your bank as quickly as a week after your first call with us.

How much out of pocket will it cost me to sell my commercial property to Property Cashin?

Absolutely zilch, zip, nada! No cash down. The cost is rolled into the transaction so you won’t pay anything out of pocket or up front.


8 Reasons You Need To Sell Your Commercial Property Fast

Facing Foreclosure

On the western outskirts of Houston in one of the top 10 metropolises in the U.S. and within several miles of Katy, the new and upcoming section of the Greater Houston Area, Spring is growing and demand for housing has never been greater.

With greater demand, prices soar and rise to the highest bidder. That’s why so many businesses are struggling with unexpected cost rises and foreclosure.

Get that corporate liability off of your hands and sell your property fast to Property Cashin. Pay off those business late payments with cash right into your pocket.

Business Revenue Loss

Struggling to keep up with the demands of entrepreneurship? Are sales of your product or service plummeting? Did you overlook expenses or overestimate revenue in your projections? Unexpected twists in the market or problems with delivering to the customer can be one of the biggest dangers to future success.

What starts off small can snowball, making you forfeit your property. Before revenue plateaus low or keeps dipping, sell your property while you can. Sell your property for cash to reinvest.

Suffering from business revenue loss is a danger and one of the fastest and quickest ways to sell your property is as-is, no fuss with Property Cashin. Turn your losses into straight cash and recover your losses.

Business Lawsuit

Legal fees draining you dry? Is endless time consulting with your lawyer or going to court delivering unexpected costs to your business?

You probably didn’t account for a major lawsuit in your last budget cycle and now don’t know what to do. Property Cashin can give you a clue. Call us today for special consultation and advice on your best route to quick cash for your property.

Guarantee your lawsuit closure and success by selling your property fast to pay the best lawyer and ensure winning your case. Don’t skimp on court and owe more court fees down the road that will lessen your assets.

Partnership Issues

Do you see signs of a failing business partnership? Are there disputes about unbalanced roles and power struggles? Disagreements about where to spend money in the business?

Whether it’s fundamental or temporary, you may want to consider how to sell your property the fastest, most effective, and easiest way possible. Deciding how to market, renovate, and repair your office flat is just another potential point for disagreement and frustration between you and your business partner.

Property Cashin can provide the third-party solution and independent advisor that’ll enable you to delegate all sale choices to while you attend business relationship problems. Selling your property can be the financial freedom you’ve always wanted.

Major Repairs Needed

Repairing commercial properties is costly. Spaces are larger, equipment is more expensive and in mass quantity. For those expenses that won’t count as capital improvement, they’ll be costs straight from your pocket hindering the growth of your business.

This is like your personal home, but on a much larger scale. Handling this as a new, struggling, or just frugal business making smart decisions is hard. You have to hire the right contractors to maintain the value and get it done right.

Just think: another employee to hire. Skip the stress and do a fast property sale with Property Cashin. We’ll pay up to unload your property for cash and pick up the improvements after everything’s said and done.

Bigger/Smaller Location

Location, location, location. Spring, TX isn’t getting any cheaper. Deciding whether it’s smart for your business to stay in Spring, where property values are rapidly rising with the growth of the surrounding areas, is a choice your business will have to make.

Will the added tax costs justify staying in a gentrifying area? Will your business benefit financially from moving to a more industrial or business-oriented area? The median household income in Spring is $67,252 annually. Is this the consumer base you’re targeting?

Adjusting to your business’s lifestyle and needs are important for the longevity of your company. Position your company for better growth and consider Property Cashin to buy property fast.

Personal Issues

Taking time off to focus on your health or relationships is crucial to a business’s success. Having a healthy life outside of work is difficult if you own a business and property.

Take that distraction of your hand with professional property buyers who pay cash, no cost up front. We at Property Cashin wish your future business or non-business endeavors success and we know solving those personal hurdles that crop up is your priority.

Before you do anything else, consider trading your commercial property for cash to cover the negative fluxes personal issues may have on your business.

Cash In On Equity

Avoid contracts, leases and negotiations, selling costs, real estate brokers and agents with Property Cashin. Once you decide you’re ready to move to a new location or eliminate property holdings altogether, Property Cashin can have cash in your hand as soon as a week.

The equity you’ve paid into your property can be quickly returned with a sale. Businesses move fast. Don’t wait until your property loses value, tax rates increase, or your business flounders for money.

Reinvest cash from your current property now into a new and upcoming location, more property at a lower price or cover business expenses. Don’t hesitate; put your business financials first!


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How We Can Help?

Owning commercial property comes with its advantages and disadvantages. When the disadvantages outweigh the benefits, you may have to make the decision to sell.

Most people sell their commercial property because maintaining it takes up too much resources and time. At Property Cashin, we understand the need to get rid of property that is more like a burden to you.

We are experts in the real estate and development sector and the go-to company if you choose to sell commercial property in Spring, TX. We buy properties for cash. What makes us different is that we do not mind the state in which the property is.

We can buy it in any condition and get you a great offer. Our services are not limited to Spring, TX. If you have property in surrounding areas, feel free to contact us today. We will be more than glad to buy the property in exchange for quick cash.

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