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Can Property Cashin quickly purchase my commercial property?

We are dedicated to purchasing commercial properties quick and will not have it any other way. As a group of private investors, it’s our philosophy to work alongside property owners ready to sell their commercial buildings for different reasons. Our goal is to successfully agree upon a cash offer within a week and have it processed ASAP to best serve our clients.

Realtors have long processes just to sell a property, but what sets us aside from others is that we value a speedy process and gear our service around our clients. It is difficult to find a way to sell your commercial building quickly, but through us, we make that process easy and doable.

Whether facing foreclosure or dealing with personal issues such as declining health, Property Cashin puts all clients into serious consideration. We realize that getting your property sold quickly and for a great offer can make all the difference.

Is it possible to receive cash after selling my Tomball commercial building to Property Cashin?

Yes, we offer cash payments to our clients selling their properties. Having this option makes the selling process more convenient for those who work through us. Our goal is to make things as easy and stress-free as possible, especially since many of our clients are already facing financial burdens.

Are there any fees to quickly sell my building?

Unlike realtors and others willing to sell your property, Property Cashin does not have any hidden fees or initial costs. We don’t charge our clients until the transaction for convenience; any charges are deducted from our offer to you. This way, our clients simply take their cash and go when the process is complete.


8 Reasons You Need To Sell Your Commercial Property Fast

Facing Foreclosure

When having a commercial property, potentially dealing with a foreclosure is always a scary thought. Many property owners are unsure of how to sell their property quick when financial troubles do arise. That’s when Property Cashin comes in.

We quickly delve into your situation and can make a cash offer on your property within a week. Whether or not foreclosure proceedings have begun, we are on your side with our main priority best serving you.

If foreclosure is an issue you’re dealing with pertaining to your commercial property, do hesitate to contact Property Cashin! We offer speedy results that could otherwise end in loss of value if proceedings do follow through.

Business Revenue Loss

There are usually certain times in the year that businesses face a dip in sales. However, when the sales never pick up where they should be, that’s when revenue loss becomes an issue.

Rather than risking losing your business, consider downsizing and opting for a more affordable commercial space. At Property Cashin, we buy any property regardless of its condition and quickly too.

We realize that when businesses deal with monetary loss, the expectation is that their property will be sold fast and for a great price. We don’t make our clients wait around for the cash offer that they could potentially use to get their declining business back on their feet.

Business Lawsuit

The bigger the business, the higher the chances of a lawsuit. We all know lawsuits can be expensive, so to help the financial burden, some businesses resort to selling the current property to find a cheaper business location.

Fortunately, Property Cashin is known for a quick property sale that puts their clients first. A business lawsuit is plenty of stress as is, so selling your property on your own or through a realtor is not the best, or quickest, option.

Our desire is to quickly purchase our clients’ commercial buildings as is and get them resold, taking the weight off their shoulders.

Partnership Issues

Especially when it comes to family-run businesses or working with close friends, partnership problems often arise. Often, partners have different ideas of where the business should end up and how the money should be managed.

When the complications cannot be restored, sometimes the best and only option is to go your separate ways or even close the business altogether.

In the case of a partnership problem, you can count on Property Cashin to quickly make an offer on your property and pay cash fast. More stress on the table is not the approach you will receive through us. We aim to provide a simple, client-oriented solution.

Major Repairs Needed

No matter how small or large your commercial property is, major repairs or remodels are not uncommon; they happen. If you are looking to move properties to avoid repairs, or want to simply sell your property that just so happens to have repairs needed, Property Cashin is for you.

We don’t ask that our clients pull extra cash out of their pockets to make necessary repairs themselves. Chances are, our clients don’t have the extra cash to make such repairs!

We will handle it all and set up a quick offer that will allow you to get out of your current property quicker than with other property sellers.

Bigger/Smaller Location

Businesses grow and shrink all the time. In either scenario, often extra cash is needed and quickly. You deserve the correct location, building, and other assets that correspond best to your business.

With common industries in Tomball including professional, scientific, and technical services; public administration; and health care, most business owners undeniably need the perfect location. We work with these sectors, among many others, to give them the property selling experience of their dreams.

Selling your commercial building fast with Property Cashin means receiving a quick, stress-free cash offer that is suitable for you. This leaves you to quickly find a more appropriate location for your business.

Personal Issues

As a major asset to a business, personal issues can affect how the business is run. Whether dealing with declining health or divorce, major stress and monetary problems are sure to arise. For these reasons, many businesses may opt to sell their property fast.

Through us, you’ll have your commercial building sold quickly. We work alongside our clients, not against them during stressful times. Our company knows just how stressful running a business, let alone dealing with personal problems, can be.

We are dedicated to providing quick, convenient service with the end goal of purchasing client’s properties as soon as possible.

Cash In On Equity

Are your property taxes rising? Is keeping up with payments and bills getting hectic? Consider cashing in on your equity! If your property value is at an all-time high, sell your property quick with Property Cashin. Within a week, we plan give you a cash offer convenient for you.

Letting the opportunity slide for cashing your equity at the right time may be one of the worst things you do for you and your business. With us, our clients get cash fast and are off on their way to find a new property if that’s where their pursuits lead them.


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How We Can Help?

Selling property anywhere can take so much time and money. Apart from dealing with real estate agents and lawyers, you may end up getting a low offer on your property.

The good news is that there are companies that buy properties for cash without subjecting you to a lengthy transaction.

Property Cashin has the solution for anyone who wants to sell commercial property fast in Tomball, TX. The beauty of transacting with us is that we can buy your property in any condition.

Other buyers would want you to do an inspection, valuation and even cover repair costs before selling. At our company, we do not make you waste your time and resources on a property only for you to sell.

If you decide to sell your commercial property, simply contact our team and we will give you competitive offers. In exchange you will get quick cash and the assurance that you will not incur any extra costs.

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