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    Request a cash offer for your commercial property from our Pearland investors by filling out this quick form or calling our local office at (877) 717-2087.

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    After reviewing the details about your property, our team member will contact you to schedule a visit to come see your Pearland property.

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    After getting a more clear picture of your property’s condition, we’ll give you an all-cash, fair offer based on your local Pearland’s market value.

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    When you accept our offer, we’ll handle all the formalities and agree on a closing date. After closing you’ll get paid within a few days.


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How quickly will Property Cashin buy my commercial property in Pearland TX?

Here at Property Cashin, we can buy your property within seven days’ time. Yes, you read that right. It will only take one short week for us to buy your commercial property and give you a considerable amount of greenbacks in return. Sometimes we may not even need the whole seven days. We have learned how to operate efficiently, so we can keep our customers happy.

When I sell my commercial property to Property Cashin will I receive cash?

Yes, when you sell your commercial property located in Pearland TX you will receive cash from Property Cashin. You won’t have to worry about cashing a check or funds being held in limbo for weeks and weeks. Paying with good ol’ dollar bills is the way we do things.

What is the amount of money I will have to pay to sell my Pearland TX property as fast as possible?

When you hire a real estate agent or a real estate broker to sell your commercial property, oftentimes you wonder if it’s really worth it. Let us let you in on a little secret, it isn’t. We wrap all fees and charges into one transaction (there are no surprises with us), and we don’t cut ourselves a commission check. We want to sell your property in Pearland TX as fast as possible without short-changing you! We want to share the wealth with you, not take it all from you.


8 Reasons You Need To Sell Your Commercial Property Fast

Facing Foreclosure

Are you currently sitting at your kitchen table, buried under a mountain of unpaid mortgage bills? Sick of feeling like you will never get ahead?

We understand how that feels, and we want to help you out of this sticky situation. If you sell your commercial property to us (before the foreclosure process begins) we can offer you a sizeable amount of dough in compensation. When’s the last time you had cash in-hand?

That long, huh. Stop cutting years off of your life by worrying about your mortgage. It is time for you to quickly sell your commercial property or building to Property Cashin.

Business Revenue Loss

In Pearland TX the cost of living is lower than the national average, but are you and your business still struggling to get by? When your business begins to lose revenue, it may be time to reconsider your finances.

Property Cashin has loads of experience in buying commercial properties from failing businesses. We can buy your commercial property quicker than you can say Property Cashin! (Okay, maybe not that fast). But we can sell it in one week, and leave you with your pockets full of greenbacks.

Is your business struggling but still afloat? Sell us your commercial property before your business completely sinks.

Business Lawsuit

Nobody plans to be sued or to be a party in a lawsuit. Things like that just happen, sometimes without warning. It’s during these times that a business may need to review their business practices and business holdings.

Does your business have commercial property that you would like to sell for quick cash? Property Cashin would like to buy it. Lawsuits can be expensive.

Let us help you earn some extra dollars to pay for the legal situation you have found yourself in. Sell us your commercial property, and within a week you will have enough dough to get you through.

Partnership Issues

I know starting a business with your college roommate sounded like a good idea at the time. Ten years later, it’s a different story. Have you been looking for a way out of your dead-end business partnership?

We have an idea. Take the first step, and quickly sell Property Cashin your commercial property. We can and will provide you with a generous money offer, allowing you to (finally!) sever ties with your (soon to be ex) business partner.

Pearland TX has a lower unemployment rate than the whole state of Texas; we know you’ll be back on your feet in no time!

Major Repairs Needed

Are you embarrassed to hire a real estate agent because of the state of disrepair your commercial property is in? No worries, we won’t judge you. We buy commercial buildings “As Is”.

Whether there’s a hole in the roof or a stain on the floor, we buy all commercial properties. Over time, buildings naturally deteriorate and foundations settle. We are not going to blame you for the condition your building is in.

We just want you to sell us your commercial property fast. That way, we can compensate you with cash-money so you can start your business venture anew! How’s that for a plan?

Bigger/Smaller Location

When a business first starts out, often the owners do not know whether the business will be successful. This will often lead to a change in location, whether it is upsizing or downsizing.

Is your commercial building not working for the business anymore? We have a quick and easy solution: sell it to Property Cashin. We can commit to buying your property within a week. All you have to do is begin the process.

We will offer you a sizeable amount of dough, that you can then take and purchase a new (more appropriate) building for your business. Start today.

Personal Issues

With over half of the Pearland TX population currently married, unfortunately there are bound to be some divorces. Are you a business owner struggling with a personal issue? Separation, health issues or familial problems, we understand. And we want to help.

It may be unplanned, but it’s time to sell your commercial property you no longer need. Taking a break from your business may be the best option at this time. Sell us your commercial property fast, and you will walk away with cold, hard cash jangling in your pocket.

Hopefully you can use this money for your life struggles, otherwise save it so you can start your business again in the future!

Cash In On Equity

Have you checked your equity lately? Do you owe less than what your commercial property is worth? That may be a sign that you can receive some equity back!

By quickly selling your commercial property to Property Cashin, you may be able to receive equity back from your property holding. That’s a double bonus: greenbacks from Property Cashin and equity from your property. We encourage you to act now before you can no longer pull equity out.

It will take about a week on our side of things to get you that cash in-hand. Start the process today. By next Monday, you will be glad that you did.


CALL US TODAY: (877) 717-2087


How We Can Help?

Do you need to sell commercial property fast in Pearland TX? We can help you. We buy commercial properties all over Texas, and we are prepared to buy yours. So if you need our help then here’s what we can do for you.

Who Are We?

We are Property Cashin and we buy properties for cash. We have bought properties all over Pearland, and we are prepared to buy yours if you urgently need to sell it.

Whenever someone needs to sell commercial property fast in Pearland TX, we will go to them and offer our services. If they are willing to hire us then we will take care of everything.

We will look at the property, assess its value, process the documents and then release the funds.

What Kind of Properties Do We Buy?

We have bought all kinds of commercial properties and establishments over the years, from large buildings to small business establishments.

We are also prepared to buy properties in any condition, so you don’t need to worry about depreciation. We will look at your property and then offer you a fair price for it.

So if you need quick cash, just call us and we will do our best to buy your property as soon as possible.

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