Sell Us Your Restaurant or Coffee Shop for Cash in any Condition, for a Fair Price on the Date of Your Choice!

No realtor fees
No closing costs
No repairs needed
No lengthy sale cycle

How It Works

Sell your property fast with these 4 easy steps
Submit Your Restaurant or Cafe
Contact us by calling, emailing or submitting the online form and tell us a little more about your property.
Schedule an Appointment
We’ll contact you and schedule an appointment to visit your restaurant and perhaps make all-cash offer on the spot.
Accept The Offer
Once you accept our fair all-cash offer, we’ll sign the contract and schedule a closing date of your choice.
Get Paid
On the closing day is when we formally complete the transaction, and after a few days you will get all your cash!

Why Sell to PropertyCashin

You’ll get paid in cash
We’ll buy your restaurant ‘as is’
You’ll get personalized service
Very fast closing
No realtor commissions
No closing costs & fees
No repairs needed
No waiting years for a buyer

Contact Us Today For a Quick, Obligation-Free Cash Offer

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How soon can I receive my cash offer?

Once your property is assessed and the necessary paperwork is handled, it can take 72 hours or less for you to receive a cash offer. We may even give you an offer right after our scheduled walkthrough.

2. How to sell a restaurant by owner, without a realtor?

Selling your restaurant business yourself instead of hiring a broker or real estate agent means investing time and energy into scheduling property inspections and repairs, waiting for your buyer’s mortgage approval, and conducting marketing efforts yourself. However, you still aren’t guaranteed to sell a restaurant online in a set amount of time.

The best way to sell a restaurant or coffee shop fast and by owner is with PropertyCashin. Unlike when you are selling it to an average buyer, selling to PropertyCashin doesn’t require you to burn through your savings to make renovations. Our fast-paced and effortless transaction process saves you valuable time and effort, and we take every opportunity to make collecting your money easy.

3. What do I gain by quickly selling my restaurant or cafe to PropertyCashin?

Instead of paying out of pocket for marketing and other chores that come with listing on the real estate market, you can quickly and easily turn your restaurant business into cash by contacting PropertyCashin. Our streamlined process means you are avoiding hassles like:

  • Footing the bill for property appraisals, inspections, and associated marketing costs
  • Making expensive and time-consuming repairs to possibly attract a buyer more quickly
  • Arranging for multiple property viewings in hopes of one person being interested
  • Spending weeks, months, or longer waiting for a buyer
  • Waiting for a buyer to be approved by a bank for a commercial mortgage
  • Shelling out money on real estate agent commissions
  • Continuing paying utility bills and property taxes while you are looking for a buyer and then waiting to close a deal

With PropertyCashin, selling a coffee shop or restaurant is a fast and satisfying undertaking. We can hand you an obligation-free cash offer after only one property visit. Plus, you pay nothing to us. How’s that for simple?

4. I want to sell my restaurant or coffee shop fast for cash. Do you guarantee specifically a cash offer?

Yes! We actually guarantee you a cash offer on your property because we don’t rely on traditional funding methods that can cost us months to receive. Instead, our private money resources from hard money lenders are ready to go. Simply put, you don’t have to wait a frustratingly long amount of time for our deal to move forward. You also avoid headaches like appraisals and inspections needed for your buyer’s loan approval.

After we give you a fair cash offer, our partner lender can quickly transfer the required amount. On the specified closing date, you receive the entire sum you’re owed when the title company transfers your money to you.

5. Will PropertyCashin buy my restaurant or coffee shop As Is?

We would be happy to complete a property assessment of a heavily damaged or abandoned restaurant. As commercial property cash buyers who buy properties in any condition, we make it so you don’t have to worry about defects or needed renovations getting in the way of you closing a deal.

After we consider the expenses of making necessary repairs, we roll in the amount into the cash offer you receive. This means you know from the start the exact amount of cash you’re due to collect, and you don’t have to fund any repairs yourself.

6. Do I pay commissions or fees when selling a cafe to PropertyCashin?

No! You don’t have to spend a single penny when you want to sell your restaurant fast to PropertyCashin. Our real estate transaction process doesn’t involve commissions or sneaky hidden fees. The straightforward cash offer we put on the table for you is exactly what you receive when we close our deal.

7. How soon can I expect to close with PropertyCashin?

Although each transaction comes with unique hurdles to clear, we aim to close deals in 30 days or less. We’ve already helped hundreds of owners figure out how to sell a restaurant fast to avoid fast-approaching foreclosure deadlines and other pressing financial situations.

We work hard to exchange cash for your restaurant as soon as possible so you can receive a quick influx of funds.

8. Will I pay closing costs?

With PropertyCashin, you don’t pay any costs to exchange your coffee shop for much-needed money. Instead, PropertyCashin takes care of closing costs. We don’t want to subtract anything from your money!

9. Does PropertyCashin purchase restaurant businesses in my state?

You can sell any type of restaurant quickly to PropertyCashin no matter its location in the U.S. As national commercial property buyers, we can make you an obligation-free offer regardless of zip code. Rural restaurants and city cafés alike can all be sold to PropertyCashin.

10. Am I required to accept the cash offer on my property?

You are never obligated to accept our offer. You’re free to take or turn down our cash offer as you see fit without facing negative repercussions.

11. How do you sell a restaurant to PropertyCashin?

Here is a quick description of how to sell your restaurant to us. It’s easy:

When you decide to accept our cash offer and go through with a smooth and effortless real estate transaction, your next step is to sign the purchase contract we’ll give to you.

From there, we’ll decide on a closing date that matches best with the schedules of all involved parties. The title company involved in our transaction will receive the earnest money deposit from PropertyCashin in 72 hours or less.

We will meet with the title company and sign the necessary contracts on the closing date we all agree on. On the closing day your account will receive the cash you’ve been waiting for from the title company.

12. Does PropertyCashin only buy specific types of restaurant businesses?

The short and sweet answer is that PropertyCashin is interested in any commercial building you’re looking to sell quickly. Size isn’t a factor in whether we make you an offer. Basically, you can call PropertyCashin no matter your specific type of restaurant business.

We buy:

  • bistros
  • luxury fine dining restaurants
  • casual dining restaurants
  • ethnic restaurants
  • fast food
  • coffee shops and cafeterias
  • brasseries
  • pubs and bars

and everything in between.

13. Does my property need to meet size requirements for PropertyCashin to make an offer?

If you’re wondering how to sell a restaurant by owner but worried about meeting size requirements, there’s no need to stress. No matter how many guests your café or restaurant can serve at one time, PropertyCashin can give you an offer and quickly complete a great deal.

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We Buy Restaurants and Cafes

We buy commercial property for cash anywhere in the United States. Regardless where your restaurant or coffee shop is in the US, we can buy it from you. That being said, we still have transactions abroad. So if you own a property outside the US and you urgently want to sell it, we’d love to come in and check it out.


I reached out to PropertyCashin to sell my property in Compton, CA. I worked with Richard and Anthony and they made it easy and hassle free. I recommend anyone looking to sell their property to give these guys a call and ask for Anthony.


Highly recommended. 10/10 stars


My brothers and I were selling our office building in Dallas after the tenant moved out. We had tried to sell it on Loopnet for roughly 6 months before reaching out to PropertyCashin. The offer was a little lower than we had hoped for but it was fair given the vacant condition and all cash. I think it closed roughly 30 to 35 days later from when we signed the contract. Overall it was a quick process and very smooth transition. We would definitely recommend Richard and Sam and the Propert Cashin team to anyone looking to liquidate their commercial property quickly.


We expected to be stuck on the market for months if not years due to condition of the property. However, we had a smooth transaction with PropertyCashin. They quickly found a buyer for our warehouse. We're happy!


I highly recommend working with Ryan to anyone who is looking to sell a commercial property. Ryan is not only a knowledgeable investor but a great business man. He is a certified business broker and knows the needs of the seller. I would definitely work with him in the future.


Great bunch of guys, honest , helpful , and transparent all the way. Highly recommended


PropertyCashin helped me sell my property fast and for a fair price. Anthony Martin personally took the time to contact me every step of the way. Closing was a breeze and received funds within 48 hours. Would highly recommend this company if you need to sell your property.

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Compton, CA
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Houston, TX
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Do You Want to Sell Your Restaurant Fast for Cash?

We Buy Restaurants and Coffee Shops Nationwide!

Running a restaurant or coffee shop can be draining. When it’s time to sell your café or restaurant quickly to make up for lost funds, PropertyCashin is ready to buy. We’re commercial property cash buyers who make selling a restaurant business fast and effortless for owners. We can make an offer on properties located throughout the US in any condition and work to close deals as fast as possible.

With PropertyCashin in your corner, you can sell your coffee shop or restaurant without going through the ringer. We take on handling necessary paperwork, save you from paying out of pocket for commissions or closing costs, and can make an offer on any property regardless of size or current defects.

You don’t have to take our word for it, though. We’ve worked with hundreds of property owners looking to turn their properties into quick influxes of cash. We can do the same for you. The sooner you call PropertyCashin, the sooner we can schedule a fair property evaluation, give you an obligation-free cash offer, and close a deal on your restaurant or cafe building.